E3D Hemera Bowden Adapter

The E3D Hemera dual-drive extruder is designed for direct drive use, but this replacement heat break converts the extruder into a bowden style extruder for a lighter hotend while maintaining the precision extrusion benefits of the E3D Hemera extruder.

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Making the Dual Drive power and precision of Hemera available in bowden configurations as well

While the E3D Hemera is a beast of a direct drive hotend, not all 3D printer operators prefer direct drive. This Hemera heat break connects the extruder to a PTFE bowden tube rather than a hotend, so the extruder can be mounted away from the hotend for a lighter and faster tool head. From v6 to Volcano, any bowden capable 1.75mm hotend will print beautifully with a consistent feed of filament from the E3D Hemera dual-drive bowden extruder.

Technical Specifications

  • Extruder Compatability: E3D Hemera
  • Hotend Compatability: Any bowden 1.75mm hotends
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
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