The E3D Hemera extruder features dual-drive gears alongside an ultra-constrained filament path to get filament from the extruder gears to the hotend with zero opportunity for sideways extrusion. This hotend has the shortest distance from extruder gears to melt zone, also enabling precision retraction calibration even with finicky material like PETG and opening up high-speed printing with flexible materials such as Ninjaflex.

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Hemera lets you print faster than ever before with rigid and flexible materials alike

3D printing is a revolutionary and ever-evolving technology that is changing the nature of production for people around the world all the way from initial prototypes to final production of end-use parts. No matter what step of the production process you find yourself utilizing desktop additive manufacturing for, we can all agree that the ability to print faster is better. The Hemera hotend and extruder from E3D achieves this goal with one of the shortest and most well-constrained filament paths ever produced for 3D printers. Material is pulled from your spool with dual-drive hobbed gears and fed immediately into the top of the v6-ecosystem compatible heat break. This not only enables ultra-fast printing speeds but also improves performance during retractions and overall usage of flexible materials like MatterHackers PRO Series Flex. Flexible materials will find any and all opening in the filament path to wander out and ruin prints. Hemera eliminates each and every spot where other extruder designs see these issues.

New heat break, same great E3D hotend ecosystem

E3D has spent years developing an entire ecosystem of hotend components that make it possible to utilize 3D printing for almost any production workflow. V6 is a compact heater block with nozzle sizes all the way down to 0.15mm to extreme high detail FFF 3D printing projects, while Volcano takes advantage of a larger heater block for a longer melt zone and therefore larger nozzles up to 1.2mm for higher speed printing of larger, stronger parts. The new Hemera heat break interfaces perfectly with these and also the E3D SuperVolcano - a massive heater block with nozzles up to 1.4mm for huge production printing. The Hemera enables all of these much-loved hotend designs to now function with ultra-precise dual-drive extrusion for higher performance than ever before.

Hemera heat break interfaces with any E3D heater block design

Hemera is modular and versatile, ready to be installed on almost any 3D printer

E3D set out to change everything about the direct-drive extruder ideal with Hemera, and to that end that didn't stop with just the drive system. The extruder utilizes a custom-built stepper motor with T-Slot nuts everywhere that support any mounting system you can design. No matter what kind of 3D printer you operate, there is a way to factor in this incredible extruder for improved performance. Along with the modular nature of installing this extruder on any printer, each component is also available stand-alone from the extruder to hotend components for later growth and further refinement.

Example of a custom Hemera installation

What's in the box?

  • 12V or 24V 30W Heater cartridge
  • Thermistor cartridge
  • Molex cable
  • 40 x 40 x 10 mm 12V or 24V Fan
  • Cable tie
  • Hemera heat sink
  • Idler
  • Idler slide block
  • Idler spring block
  • Thumbwheel
  • Idler shaft
  • Drive hobb
  • Idler hobb
  • V6 Heater Block
  • E3D Hemera motor
  • Motor cable 
  • E3D Hemera fixings kit
  • V6 fixings kit
  • E3D Hemera heatbreak
  • Brass 1.75mm, 0.4mm nozzle
  • V6 sock
  • Thermal compound 

Custom made stepper motor and beautifully engineered drive shaft

Key changes in the Hemera offering 2021:

  • Gear material changed and new heat treatment processes have been modified to increase toughness and elongation to break by nearly 10x
  • Grease has been added to gear assembly to prevent wear, significantly increasing each unit’s

Read more about Hemera through our Tech breakdown article here.

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