E3D E3D Plated Copper Volcano Kit - 3.00mm (24v)

The perfect plated copper Volcano upgrade kit for your v6 or Titan Aero HotEnd to help facilitate large-scale 3D printing.

List Price: $57.00
Product No. M-E4V-WGLK

Plated Copper Volcano Kit (3.00mm 24v)

The kit includes all the parts necessary to upgrade a v6 or Titan Aero Hotend with a Volcano setup. This kit is for the 3D printing enthusiast looking to print bigger, faster and stronger parts. The plated copper surface of the block and nozzle adds to the ease of printing by keeping the hotend clean, fast and easy.

Why Copper?

The plated copper heater blocks can withstand temperatures up to 500°C and also thermally conduct better than other metals. Usually in order to reduce filament adhesion, you would need to use a silicone sock with your heater block. The silicone sock is not recommended at these high temperatures due to its potential to melt. This is where the nickel plating comes in handy to help reduce filament adhesion to the block by helping to keep things clean.


  • Volcano Plated Copper Block
  • Volcano Plated Copper Nozzle - 0.80mm
  • Molex cable 1000
  • Thermistor cartridge
  • Thermal Compound Paste
  • V6 Fixing Kit
  • High precision heater cartridge - 1000mm

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