E3D E3D PT100 Temperature Sensor Cartridge

The E3D PT100 Temperature Sensor can be used in place of a thermistor for E3D's All-Metal HotEnds, and is compatible with E3D's new cartridge-style heater blocks. PT100's are able to measure temperatures up to 400 C, and are more accurate than most thermistors and thermocouples.

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Product No. M-YDV-KC61

E3D PT100 Temperature Sensors are a great replacement instead of a thermistor, and measure higher temperatures at greater accuracy than most standard thermistors and thermocouples. E3D PT100's are compatible with E3D's new cartridge-style heater blocks.

PT100 Temperature Sensors require your electronics to support RTD Sensing devices, or you will need an amplifier board (sold separately). 

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