E3D E3D PT100 Total Upgrade Kit

The E3D PT100 Sensor Upgrade Kit comes with everything you need to install a PT100 Temperature Sensor on an E3D v6 HotEnd. PT100's are able to measure temperatures up to 400°C, and are more accurate than the thermistor that comes standard with E3D kits.

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E3D PT100 Temperature Sensors are a great replacement instead of a thermistor, and measure higher temperatures at greater accuracy than most standard thermistors and thermocouples. Unless your printer supports RTD sensing devices, you'll need E3D's PT100 Amplifier Board to amplify the signal from a PT100 sensor to a voltage level that your printer controller can accurately read. The amplifier board requires a controller board running Marlin or Repetier that has a spare analog input pin.

This kit comes with the PT100 sensor and the amplifier board, everything you need to upgrade your E3D v6 HotEnd.

What's in the Kit

  • E3D PT100 Temperature Sensor
  • Molex Extension Cable
  • E3D PT100 Amplifier Board

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