E3D E3D RapidChange Revo High Flow Brass Nozzle

The RapidChange Revo High Flow Nozzles harnesses meticulously optimized internal geometry, ensuring an unprecedented increase in flow rate, all just a quick swap away. Now with the added compatibility of a 60W HeaterCore, high-temperature, high-flow 3D printing is more accessible and efficient than ever before.

  • Enhanced printing speed for higher flow rates
  • Color-coded silicone sock for easy identification
  • Compatible with the RapidChange Revo ecosystem
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E3D Rapidchange Revo High Flow Nozzle 

Enhanced 3D Printing Speed without compromise

E3D's RapidChange Revo High Flow Nozzles have been engineered to offer higher flow rates, allowing you to print faster without compromising the quality of your prints. This can significantly speed up the production process, especially for larger 3D print projects.

Key Features of the E3D Revo High Flow Nozzles:

  • High-Flow design for optimized high speed printing
  • Compatible with high temp materials when paired with 60W heatercore (see add on)
  • Pre-assembled for rapid, frustration-free nozzle changes
  • Designed for quick, easy identification
  • Synergistic with the RapidChange Revo ecosystem
  • Operates at temperatures up to 300°C

Please note: Revo™ Nozzles are not compatible with V6-style heaterblocks and you may need to adjust your Z offset when changing nozzles.

High Speed Printing - Faster than ever

The RapidChange Revo High Flow Nozzles are engineered for an increased flow rate, allowing for faster 3D printing. This is achieved by optimizing the internal geometry and the surface area within the meltzone, instead of just extending the meltzone..

  • Optimized internal geometry
  • Thermal conductivity
  • 60W heatercore compatibility for high temp materials
E3D higflow nozzle

E3D RapidChange Revo Six Hotend with an E3D ObXidian installed is above a NylonX carbon fiber filament print

Experiment Freely with Sizes AND Materials

E3D Rapidchange Revo High Flow allows for easy swapping between different nozzles, giving you the opportunity to print with various sizes and nozzle types faster and more accessible than ever before.

  • Easy & quickly swap nozzles
  • Reduce downtime with the quick switch
  • Print with new materials 

Frustration-Free Nozzle Installation

A Revo Nozzle is a preassembled nozzle and HeatBreak in one unit, so there’s no chance of hazardous hot tightening or incorrect assembly that could slow down time via long installation times or repairs from hotend leaks.

  • Pre-assembled nozzle installation is effortless
  • Save time switching out nozzles
  • Easily avoid hotend leaks often occurring from incorrect installation
  • Smooth drop-ins in the Revo ecosystem
E3D ObXidian 0.4mm drops down and is replaced by an E3D ObXidian 0.6mm nozzle

A variety of E3D ObXidian Nozzles together with a variety of RapidChange Revo Brass nozzles in the background

Expand Your Range of Nozzles

Have the right nozzle size and type ready to go for any project using E3D's continuously expanding catalog of Revo nozzles.

  • Revo Brass available as small as 0.15mm & big as 0.8mm
  • Revo ObXidian available in 0.4mm and 0.6mm (with 0.25mm and 0.8mm to come)
  • High-flow variants available from 0.4mm to 1.4mm

Rapid Identification

Color-coded silicone socks make nozzle identification tremendously easy for E3D Revo ObXidian and Brass Nozzles.

  • Color-coded socks provide easy identification
  • Nozzle size is engraved into it as well
  • No more slowdowns trying to figure out what nozzle size you have
A variety of E3D ObXidian Nozzles for the RapidChange Revo hotend

What Sizes Are Available for the E3D Revo High Flow Brass Nozzle?

Diameter Sock Color Max Temp (°C) Abrasion Resistant
0.40 Red 300 No
0.60 Blue 300 No
0.80 Green 300 No
1.00 Black 300 No
1.20 Purple 300 No
1.40 Orange 300 No

Which Hotends Are Compatible with the E3D Revo ObXidian Wear Resistant Nozzle?

What Are the Technical Specifications of the E3D Revo High Flow Brass Nozzle?

  • Material: Brass
  • Filament Diameter Compatibility: 1.75mm
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 300°C
  • Min. Pull-out Force: 300N (20°C)
  • Dimensions: 41.4mm ±0.2 (L) x 13mm ø
  • Mass: 8g

What is the Anatomy of an E3D Revo High Flow Brass Nozzle?

  • 1. Revo Nozzle
  • 2. Revo Sock
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