E3D Titan Bearing and Lid Replacement Kit - Mirrored

This E3D kit includes everything you need to replace your Titan extruder's lid:

Kit includes:
1 New Tritan Titan lid
2 Bearings (Suitable for use with Titan and Titan Aero)

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Put A Lid On Bearing Gate

The solution to the original faulty design of the E3D Titan bearings and lid is now in place. The occasional failure of the normally functioning E3D Titan extruders were caused by a chemical breakdown of the otherwise bulletproof polycarbonate lid by the lubricant used on the bearings. Thus bearing gate was born. If your lid is one of the one's with the engineering defect, the Titan bearing and lid kit comes in handy as a low-cost re-engineered replacement that solves the lid cracking problem. It is also great to have a replacement on hand if your extruder is subjected to more than the normal wear and tear.

Replacement Kit Includes

  • 1 new Titan lid
  • 2 Bearings (Suitable for Titan and Titan Aero)

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