E3D E3D Titan Extruder Hobb - Hardened Steel

A must-have for the 3D printing enthusiast that often wears out their hobb by printing with abrasive materials. The hardened steel hobb is the perfect solution when looking for an upgrade to the standard stainless steel hobb.

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Upgrade Your Standard Hobb

The E3D Titan extruders come standard with a stainless steel hobb. This hardened steel hob will resist wear and tear, corrosion and abrasion more than the standard stainless steel hobb. For those 3D printing enthusiasts who find their hobb is wearing down from the heavy or prolonged use due to printing with abrasive materials, it is a good idea to have an extra hobb handy for when you need an immediate drop-in replacement on hand.

You can identify the Hardened Steel hobb by the additional groove above the teeth

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