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E3D v6 Extra Nozzle Pro Pack 1.75mm

The E3D v6 Nozzle Pro Pack includes a variety of 3D printer nozzles designed for advanced printing. Includes two brass, two hardened steel, and two copper alloy nozzles for a wide variety of 3D printing applications. This pack also includes a wrench for installation and nozzle case.
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A nozzle for every project

The E3D v6 Nozzle Pro Pack includes one of each of the following nozzles:

  • 0.15mm Brass
  • 0.80mm Brass
  • 0.40mm Hardened Steel
  • 0.60mm Hardened Steel
  • 0.25mm Copper Alloy
  • 0.40mm Copper Alloy

The Pro Pack also includes a wrench for easy removal and installation of new nozzles. Remember to always change out nozzles with the hotend at operating temperature to avoid damaging the nozzle or heater block. This pack is 1.75mm nozzles, the 3.00mm pack is right here.

Brass nozzles you love

Brass is the standard metal used for 3D printer nozzles due to its high thermal conductivity and even heat distribution. The 0.80mm brass nozzle in this pack is perfect for wide perimeters or tall layers. The wider opening allows more filament to be extruded which can also be leveraged for faster print times. The 0.15mm brass nozzle is an experimental size from E3D due it's tiny opening. Ultra-small nozzles like this excel at creating small objects while maintaining high-resolution surface detail. If your 3D printing project calls for precise details and small components, this nozzle can get it done.

Hardened steel for abrasive materials

Filament such as MatterHackers NylonX creates stunning and strong 3D printed parts but the carbon fiber content makes the filament very abrasive and will wear down a standard brass nozzle very quickly. A hardened steel nozzle is a perfect upgrade when printing with abrasive materials and this pack includes both 0.40mm and 0.60mm hardened steel nozzles. 0.40mm is considered the standard nozzle diameter in 3D printing and a great place to start when upgrading to hardened steel. But for abrasive material projects that need extra strength from wider perimeters or faster print time from taller layers, the 0.60mm hardened steel nozzle is the one for the job.

New copper alloy stays clean

E3D copper alloy nozzles feature a nickel coating which helps keep filament from sticking to the nozzle while printing. A dirty nozzle can lead to jams and lower quality prints, so staying clean throughout long prints is a priority. There are two high-conductivity nickel plated nozzles in this Pro Pack; a 0.40mm which is perfect for rapid prototyping while also providing strength to printed parts. Also included is a 0.25mm nozzle which excels at precision prints using high-flow materials. A 0.25mm nozzle enables detailed 3D printing of small parts while preserving surface finish and detail.

Why buy from MatterHackers?

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