PRO Series PVA Water-Soluble Support Material - 1.75mm (1kg)

Produce stunning and functional 3D printed parts with the most complex geometries using MatterHackers’ reliable PRO Series PVA Water-Soluble Support Material. Engineered to provide both strong bed adhesion and hassle-free cleanup, this filament is capable of successfully supporting the production of the most complex designs with relative ease. Leave 3D printed parts in a container of tap water overnight; come back to zero traces of support in the morning. Compatible with filaments such as PLA, Tough PLA, and Nylon, this support material lets you add complexity to your favorite standard materials. Print intricate designs with zero post-processing struggles using MatterHackers’ PRO Series PVA Water-Soluble Support Material.

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Overcome printing design challenges such as drastic overhangs, bridges, and multiple components using PRO Series PVA Water-Soluble Support Material. Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technologies in the general consumer market continue to open many additive manufacturing opportunities for both professionals and hobbyists alike. PRO Series PVA is engineered to reduce any remaining production limitations for complex 3D printed parts by providing reliable bed adhesion, high support material compatibility with the build material, and efficient disintegration in water (an accessible universal solvent). Digitally fabricate intricate prints such as beautiful architecture models and multi-part assemblies with confidence knowing this PVA will provide the reliable support needed to produce the best finish results. MatterHackers’ PRO Series PVA is the water-soluble support material 3D printing users can depend on for the successful production of complex, multi-component prototypes and end-use parts.


Save invaluable time, effort, and materials on post-processing with MatterHackers’ PRO Series PVA Water-Soluble Support Material. Dedicate more time to brainstorming your next great idea and less time struggling to remove supports in hard-to-reach crevices by relying on the convenience of dissolution. No special chemicals neededleave prints in a container of tap water for a couple of hours and return to beautiful, smooth parts with zero traces of supports. Using a non-toxic formula, this PVA is safe to use and 100% biodegradable, making it also safe for disposal. Instead of wasting precious build material as support, use PVA to provide the foundation needed to keep those 3D printed parts accurate and beautiful. See major improvement in the allocation of time, effort, and thermoplastic resources using MatterHackerHackers’ PRO Series PVA Water-Soluble Support Material.


MatterHackers’ PRO Series PVA is the reliable water-soluble support material users can trust to provide the strong foundation needed for the production of remarkably smooth 3D printed parts. Engineered with top-quality thermal stability, this PRO Series PVA resists degradation within the hotend, greatly reducing the chances of jams and clogging that may occur more frequently with low-quality filament. This constant production of reliable supports is essential to maintaining the beautiful curves, overhangs, and other complex geometries your parts may have. Designed to walk the fine line between providing reliable adhesion to your build filament without fusing to it, MatterHackers’ PRO Series PVA Water-Soluble Support Material leaves users with stunningly smooth and accurate print results they can consistently trust.

Choose the material developed and guaranteed by the leader in 3D printing materials

MatterHackers PRO Series filament has remained the quintessential choice for anyone that demands exacting results for their business, products, and projects. Our attention to precise filament tolerance, strict coloration guidelines, and definitive chemical patterns are reflected directly in your completed products.

Mechanical Properties that are Tuned for Performance 

We know that end-use products are only as good as the materials and tools used to create them - that’s why we put our PRO Series filament through rigorous testing before it makes its way to your workshop or manufacturing floor. Having high-quality materials is essential when creating functional or product-ready components, therefore all MatterHackers PRO Series materials are analyzed using in-house testing equipment, including a Universal Testing System and a Melt Flow Indexer. These machines are used specifically to measure tensile and flexural properties, as well as the melt flow index of each material ensuring that all PRO Series filament is dependable and performing at its peak capabilities. MatterHackers PRO Series materials are tested and measured using ASTM 638 and D790 or ISO 527-1, 527-2, and 178.

Quality Assurance: Why Filament Diameter and Ovality Matters

With PRO Series materials, you know you’re getting the most accurate filament diameter and ovality available. Having a consistent diameter of 3D printing filament is very important - it directly impacts the print quality of your designs. The slicing engine calculates the volume of filament that will be deposited on each layer. The critical value that is input into the slicing engine for that volume is the diameter of the material (either 1.75mm or 2.85mm). Therefore, any variation in that diameter can cause the print to over or under extrude. In terms of raw materials - the filament diameter is one that requires a high level of confidence that you KNOW what you’re using.

MatterHackers Maintains  Diameter Tolerance In Every Spool using Laser Gauges

Since we know diameter matters, we obsess over ensuring that PRO Series materials are on the mark so you can create perfectly printed parts. MatterHackers uses two and three-axis laser systems to measure and maintain the accuracy of the filament diameter at 40 hertz (40 times per second) - that way we know the filament diameter is consistent and within our 0.02mm diameter tolerance guarantee. Not only that, but the data for each production run is recorded and stored so we have traceability on all PRO Series materials to establish further confidence in each batch we produce.


PRO Series PVA Water-Soluble Support Material is designed and engineered to produced quality supports on most multi-extruder 3D printers. It is guaranteed to work with the following:


  • Material Compatibility: PLA, Tough PLA, Nylon, PETG, TPU, PVB
  • Printing Temperature: 210° ±10°
  • Print Bed Temperature: 55-60°C
  • True Diameter: 1.75mm ±0.02mm // 2.85mm ±0.02mm
  • Density: 1.32 g/cm ³
  • Spool Size: 1kg
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