E3D E3D v6 Gold HotEnd Full Kit - 1.75mm (24v)

An upgraded E3D v6 HotEnd that is more than just flashy. It is upgraded with some of E3D's best components at a lower price than purchasing all the individual components.

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Product No. M-Q36-W84W

Beautifully Designed

The luxury HotEnd to rule all HotEnds. Yet the new Gold HotEnd is not just a visually beautiful tool, there is power in its beauty that we will go into. But we can't ignore the stunning complement the gold heatsink and clear fan duct make. The gold anodized heatsink has the same design but with a gorgeous finish.

Metal Upgrade

The anodized gold heat sink is just the most obvious change in the new and improved hotend from the previous all aluminum build. The heat block has also been plated with a copper-alloy which increases heat transfer and reduces filament stickiness. This decreases the bulkiness since no sock is needed. The hardened steel nozzle replaced the typical brass nozzle which better stands up to abrasive materials.

Improved Extrusion

All these component improvements make for higher precision prints. The standard heaters are replaced with the upcoming high precision, quick release heater cartridges. Spot-on physical dimensions and electrical specifications guarantee perfect performance. Quick release also makes tinkering with your HotEnd a breeze - easily swap between the v6 and Volcano heater blocks for the ultimate modular hotend package.

Full Kit Components

What's in the kit?

Metal Parts:

  • Special Edition Gold Anodized Heatsink
  • 1.75mm Stainless Steel Heat Break
  • 1.75mm x 0.4mm Hardened Steel V6 nozzle
  • Plated Copper Heater Block


  • Thermistor Cartridge
  • 30x30x10mm fan (24v)
  • Connector Cable (2)
  • 30W High Precision Heater Cartridge (24v)
  • Fibreglass Insulated Heater Connector Cable


  • Fan Duct
  • Silicon Sock
  • Thermal Compound Sachet
  • Fixings Kit
  • 800mm x High Tolerance PTFE
  • Collet Clip

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