E3D v6 High Temperature Nozzle X - 1.75mm x 0.60mm

The E3D Nozzle X is the one nozzle to rule them all! From the inside out, this nozzle is designed and manufactured to excel with any material. Machined from super strong 68HRC Tool Steel and then covered with a 73HRC Nickel Plating, Nozzle X is the best of every world. From basics like PLA and PETG to high temperature abrasives like Carbon Fiber PEEK, NozzleX is ready for anything you want to print.

Product No. M-LFM-3HT8
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Start with a great design

Nozzle X is based on the proven E3D nozzle design, with a smooth transition from your filament input size down to your chosen extrusion size. This smooth funneling leads to smooth flow, but also consistent blending of any additives and reduced clogging opportunities. This is best for filament like NylonX because the Carbon Fiber's will be evenly blended into the nylon, resulting in the strongest possible part, lowest chances of clogging, and the smoothest extrusion.

Machine it from the best material

Each and every Nozzle X is machined from a solid piece of super hard 68HRC Tool Steel, which is stronger than the Hardened Steel nozzles you have likely been printing abrasive materials with for years. This harder steel means these nozzles will print consistently for even longer than the already trustworthy Hardened Steel nozzles. This stronger steel also comes with better temperature resistance, which receives another buff thanks to the next component of the Nozzle X...

Give it a high temperature, slick coating

High Temperature, engineering grade 3D Printing materials are becoming more and more accessible all the time and with Nozzle X you will be ready to print anything up to 450°C. This coating improves both the temperature resistance of the nozzle and also helps reinforce the abrasion resistance. This coating is also pretty slick and since it's applied to the entire nozzle, inside and out, it also helps improve internal material flow rates and reduces the likelihood of a clog.

Top it off with a non-stick coating

Nozzle X is engineered to excel with any material you can find, but one issue that comes up in 3D Printing is that sometimes extruded filament will want to stick to the nozzle, creating surface finish issues and lowering overall print quality. This is minimized with Nozzle X via the 'poly-phobic' WS2 coating. This Tungsten Disulfide coating doesn't like to stick to anything at all, so no matter what material you are printing with, filament will leave the nozzle and hitch-hikers will be turned away!

Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

To show just how much confidence E3D places in the Nozzle X, each nozzle is backed by a lifetime warranty on wear. If you buy a 0.40mm nozzle and manage to print a material that blows it out to a 0.45mm, send it back and we'll replace it. Please note this warranty does not cover damaged nozzles due to customer mistakes or improper use, and does not cover the non-stick coating.

Technical Specifications

  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.60mm
  • Nozzle Threading: M6x1
  • Nozzle Thread Length: 6mm
  • Heater Bock Compatibility: E3D v6
  • Max Temperature: 450°C

Your nozzle collection is easy to organize and identify:

  • 2 Diagonal Dots: 0.15mm
  • 0 Dots: 0.25mm
  • 1 Dot: 0.30mm
  • 2 Dots: 0.35mm
  • 3 Dots: 0.40mm
  • 6 Dots: 0.50mm
  • 4 Dots: 0.60mm
  • 5 Dots: 0.80mm
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