FlashForge Flashforge Filament Humidor Cabinet

The FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet is a multifunctional product that integrates 3D printing equipment placement, storage and drying of 3D printing filaments, and the movable shelf function. FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet can be paired with FlashForge Creator 4 and other FlashForge 3D printers for providing a clean and organized workspace. The filament humidor is equipped with industrial grade casters for easy reallocation.

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Product No. M-765-WS4U

Features of the Flashforge Filament Drying Humidor Cabinet

  • adjustable drying and temperature controls up to 120C
  • smart regeneration mode for excess moisture within the humidor
  • prevent hygroscopicity in filaments avoiding quality defects
  • integrates perfectly with the Flashforge Creator 4
  • includes industrial grade casters for easy reallocation

Technical Specifications

  • Size:  840(X) x 675(Y) x 600(Z)mm (with casters)
  • Screen:  4.3-inch touchscreen
  • Language:  English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Korean
  • Maximum drying temperature:  120℃
  • Desiccant capacity:  1000g
  • Storage humidity control range:  10~20%
  • Minimum storage humidity:  5%
  • Minimum chamber humidity when continuous drying is on:  7%
  • Internal storage size:  500 × 375 × 200 mm (WxDxH)
  • Power:  500W
  • Bearing weight:  120 kg ( 265 lbs )
  • Package size:  980 × 780 × 830
  • Package weight:  100 kg ( 220 lbs )
  • Power during storing:   Average: 30W, Maximum: 35W
  • Power during drying (12hrs, 120℃):  Average: 100W, Maximum: 500W
  • Overheat protection:  Yes
  • Applicable materials: 
    • Moisture-sensitive materials:  
      • PVA, PVOH, BVOH, PVB, PA6, PA12, PA66, PC, ABS, ABS Pro, HIPS, ASA, PET, PETG, Wood, Metal Fill
    • Moisture-sensitive fiber reinforced materials: 

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