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Kai Parthy Flexible Bendlay - 1.75mm (0.25kg)

Flexible BendLay is an exciting new filament that is extremely translucent (91% of light passes through) and is quite flexible. It is more flexible than the original Bendlay and does not turn white due to stress bending. It has a shore hardness of A 96 and can be elongated 300%.

List Price: $50.00
Product No. M-W9M-AEJV

0.25KG of 1.75mm Flexible BendLay. This extremely translucent material will allow you to print nearly clear items while at the same time being remarkably resilient and elastic - there is no 'stress whitening' when bending.

It sticks great to a bed that is layered with blue painter’s tape. We also recommend that you print it at a slower speed (around 10mm/s) than normal materials.

BendLay is a modified Butadiene, which is safe for your household, food products, and medical devices. BendLay has a high interlayer adhesion, making it a really wonderful and easy-to-print filament. Bendlay has another great component: it remains 'bendable' after it is printed. Compared to ABS it also absorbs far less moisture from the air and thus cuts down on warping significantly.

BendLay is soluble in brake cleaner. Acetone will make Bendlay crumble.

BendLay is compatible with nearly all 3D printers, including RepRap derivatives and those from MakerBot (such as the Replicator and Replicator 2), Ultimaker, Bits from Bytes, Airwolf3D, Makergear, Printrbot, Bukobot, Type A Machines, and many others. If you have questions about a specific printer not listed, please contact us.


Flexible Bendlay

Diameter Tolerance:
± 0.05 mm

Recommended Temperature:


Recommended Bed Temperature:


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