Flux3DP FLUX Beam Air Fume Extractor - Pre-Filter (4 Pack)

A pack of 4 individual pre-filters designed for use with the Beam Air Fume Extractor. The manufacturer recommends that filters be replaced between every 10 to 30 hours to ensure maximum fume filtration & extraction.

Product No. M-Z65-7XSW
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Pre-filters act as the first layer of protection in air filtration devices. They are designed with the simple goal of preventing particulates, which are created during the laser engraving & cutting process, from escaping out of the exhaust port of your machine and into your workspace and the air you are breathing. 

This pre-filter is positioned on the top of the Beam Air and is recommended to be replaced after 10 - 30 hours of use.

The Beam Air Fume Extractor makes an excellent addition to any home workshop, makerspace, or business.

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