Formlabs Formlabs Finishing Tools


The Formlabs Finishing Tools is a comprehensive set designed for resin 3D print post-processing, aimed at enhancing surface finishes and reducing costs. It includes over 30 pieces, curated by engineers and validated by customers, to streamline support removal and polishing, ensuring professional-grade results with minimal effort. Ideal for a wide range of applications, this kit speeds up workflows and is an affordable solution for superior finishes on SLA prints.

  • Streamlines post-processing, enhancing finishes
  • 30+ piece comprehensive kit
  • Reduces labor and cost per part
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Product No. M-CY6-Y585

Formlabs Finishing Tools


Achieve superior finishes on your resin 3D prints with the Formlabs Finishing Tools kit. This comprehensive set streamlines post-processing from support removal to polishing, enhancing appearance while reducing labor and cost. Transform your prints into professional-grade parts effortlessly.

Key Features of the Formlabs Finishing Tools:

  • Comprehensive post-processing kit for resin prints
  • Enhance surface finish, smooth planes, and edges
  • Elevate overall appearance while driving down cost per part
  • Tools curated by engineers and validated by customers
  • 30+ pieces in set


Unlock superior finishes and streamlined workflows with Formlabs Finishing Tools. Tested across industries, this curated set lowers cost per part by making post-processing faster and more efficient. Ideal for everything from functional assemblies to high-fidelity models, it offers a complete solution for flawlessly finished parts.

  • Have the right tool on hand
  • Speed up post-processing workflow
  • Achieve fine finishes with minimal effort
  • Affordable solution for any non-dental SLA customer
Formlabs Finishing Tools

Which 3D Printers are Compatible with the Formlabs Finishing Kit?

Form 3L / 3BL
Form 3+ / 3B+
✔ Form 3 / 3B
✔ Form 2

Pieces in the Formlabs Finishing Tools set

What's Included in the Formlabs Finishing Tools?

1 × Ergonomic Pen Sander
1 × Rotary Tool
1 × Rotary Tool Bit Kit
  • 1 × Set of Grinding + Polishing Bits (16 pcs)
  • 1 × Set of Buffing Bits (12 pcs)
1 × Flush Cutters
1 × Hobby Knife and Blades
1 × Spray Bottle
1 × Microfiber Cloth
1 × Large Silicone Mat
(16" × 24" / 400 × 600mm)

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