Formlabs Formlabs Form Cure L

The Form Cure L enhances SLA print results with its 500W heaters, UV lights, and a reflective, rotating turntable for an even cure. It's designed for large prints or high-volume production, ensuring maximum mechanical properties and precision. Features include pre-determined settings for Formlabs resins, a max part height of 320mm, and components like preheating and 45 multi-directional LEDs for quick, consistent curing.

  • Engineered for even, high-intensity curing
  • Pre-determined settings for easy, consistent results
  • Fits large parts or batches, max height 320mm
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Form Cure L


Unlock the full potential of your SLA prints with Form Cure L. Designed for peak performance, it combines 500W heaters, powerful UV lights, and a reflective cavity with a rotating turntable for an even, high-intensity cure. Ideal for both large prints and high-volume production, it's sure to transform your workflow and results with precision and strength.

Key Features of the Formlabs Form Cure L:

  • Engineered to deliver an even cure
  • Achieve max mechanical properties and peak accuracy
  • Pre-determined settings available for easy, consistent results
  • Max Part Height: 320mm (12.6")
  • Fits a single large part or large print batches


It can be difficult troubleshooting and recalling the right settings to achieve a successful post-cured part for multiple materials. Formlabs makes this a breeze on the Form Cure L by offering default time and temperature settings unique to each Formlabs resin to ensure your parts come out right every time.

Formlabs Form Cure L allows you to choose reliable default settings or save custom settings that have worked for you
Formlabs Form Cure L delivers quick, uniform curing


The Form Cure L utilizes multiple components to achieve a quick, consistent cure.

  • Preheating to ready the chamber
  • Combining heat w/ 13 multi-directional LED's
  • Rotating turntable for a uniform cure


Not all resin parts are viable after 3D printing if missteps occur during post-processing. By using the default settings pre-determined and tested by Formlabs, you can rest assured your parts coming out of the Form Cure L will meet optimum performance.

Formlabs Form Cure L helps you achieve the maximum mechanical properties possible in your resin parts

What's Included with the Formlabs Form Cure L?

1 × Form Cure L 120V
Extended Warranty Starting at $499
Formlabs Extended Warranty for Formlabs Form Cure L Extend your Form Cure L's 1 year coverage to either 2 or 3 years.


✔ Form 2
✔ Form 3 / Form 3B
✔ Formlabs Form 3+ / 3B+
✔ Form 3L / Form 3BL

What are the Tech Specs of the Formlabs Form Cure stations?

Formlabs Form Cure Formlabs Form Cure L
Model Form Cure Form Cure L
Dimensions 262×262×340mm

Height when open:
640mm (25.2")
Weight 5.6kg (12.4lbs) 24kg (53lb)
Turntable Diameter 193mm (7.6") 395mm (15.6")
Maximum Part Height 185mm (7.28") 320mm (12.6")
Operating Temperature Suggested 18 - 28°C
Suggested 64 - 82°F
Suggested 18 - 28°C
Suggested 64 - 82°F
Maximum Cure Chamber 80°C (176°F) 80°C (176°F)
Light Source 13 multi-directional LEDs 45 multi-directional LEDs
LED Power 39W 70W
LED Radiant 9.1 W 36W
LED Wavelength 405 nm 375nm, 405nm
Power Requirements 90–240 V
6.0 A 50/60 Hz
Input (NA) 100 -
120 VAC, 50-60Hz, 15A
Input (EU) 220 -
240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 8A

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