Formlabs Formlabs Nylon 12 Powder (6kg)


The Formlabs Fuse 1 Nylon 12 Powder is a high-strength, biocompatible material designed for precise and durable 3D prints, ideal for both prototyping and end-use production. It is optimized for the Fuse 1 printer, features high tensile strength, minimal water absorption, and excellent resistance to environmental factors like light, heat, and chemicals. This powder allows for detailed prints and complex assemblies with a sustainable approach, supporting up to 70% recycled powder usage for efficient printing.

  • High tensile strength, durable for prototyping and production
  • Dimensionally accurate for detailed and complex prints
  • Up to 70% recycled powder, economical and sustainable
Formlabs SLS Powders
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 Formlabs Fuse 1 Nylon 12 Powder

Substance and Precision Combined

Achieve the perfect balance between strength and detail with Formlabs Fuse 1 Nylon 12 Powder, an exceptional material designed for both functional prototyping and end-use production of intricate assemblies and durable parts, boasting high environmental stability. Tailored specifically for use with the Fuse 1 printer, this certified biocompatible powder offers high tensile strength and minimal water absorption, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Its dimensional accuracy ensures precise prints, while its economical refresh rate allows for sustainable printing practices with up to 70% recycled powder. Benefit from outstanding environmental stability, as Nylon 12 Powder absorbs minimal moisture and exhibits resistance to light, heat, and chemicals.

Key Features of the Formlabs Fuse 1 Nylon 12 Powder:

  • Versatile material suitable for functional prototyping and end-use production
  • High tensile strength and environmental stability for durable parts
  • Dimensional accuracy enabling highly detailed prints and complex assemblies
  • Economical refresh rate with up to 70% recycled powder usage
  • Exceptional environmental stability, resistant to moisture, light, heat, and chemicals

Advantages of Nylon 12 Powder

Choosing Nylon 12 Powder offers a multitude of benefits, including high tensile strength and environmental stability, making it an optimal choice for creating complex assemblies and durable parts with minimal water absorption. Its versatility shines through in functional prototyping, while its exceptional dimensional accuracy ensures highly detailed prints and low creep in complex assemblies.

  • Versatile thermoplastic ideal for a wide range of functional prototypes.
  • Ensures dimensional accuracy for intricate parts and complex assemblies.
  • Offers an economical refresh rate with up to 70% recycled powder usage, alongside outstanding environmental stability.

Versatile Applications of Nylon 12 Powder

Nylon 12 Powder finds extensive applications across both functional prototyping and end-use production, offering the versatility needed for creating complex assemblies and durable parts with exceptional environmental stability. From high-performance prototyping to small-batch manufacturing and the creation of permanent jigs, fixtures, and tooling, Nylon 12 Powder delivers reliable results suitable for various industries.

  • Ideal for high-performance prototyping, providing the durability and stability required for rigorous testing.
  • Enables efficient small batch manufacturing, ensuring cost-effective production of limited quantities.
  • Facilitates the creation of biocompatible and sterilizable parts, offering versatility for medical and healthcare applications with proper validation.


Post-processing with the Fuse Sift powder recovery station and a media blasting station is recommended. To learn more about post-processing Fuse Series SLS prints, download our workflow guide.

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