Formlabs Formlabs Resin Pump Maintenance Kit


Ensure your Formlabs Resin Pump maintains optimal performance with the Resin Pump Maintenance Kit. It includes internal pump tubing and transfer pump tubing and is recommended replacement every 6 months, or when changing resin types, to maintain efficiency.

  • Ensures efficient Resin Pump operation
  • Includes internal and transfer pump tubing
  • Replace every 6 months
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Resin Pump Maintenance Kit


Keep your Formlabs Resin Pump operating at peak efficiency with the Resin Pump Maintenance Kit. Over time, tubing performance can decline, leading to slower resin fill times. To maintain optimal performance, it's crucial to replace the tubing every 6 months or when switching resin types. The kit includes both the internal tubing for the Resin Pump and the Transfer Tube, ensuring a seamless connection to your Formlabs 5L Resin Container.

Key Features of the Formlabs Resin Pump Maintenance Kit:

  • Keeps Resin Pump operating efficiently
  • Includes internal pump tubing and Transfer Tube
  • Replace when switching resin types
  • Requires replacement every 6 months
  • Made for Formlabs Resin Pump
  • Pump & tubes compatible w/ 5L Formlabs Resin containers

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