Full Spectrum Laser FSL 100 Small Fume Extractor

The FSL 100 Small Fume Extractor was designed for use with FSL Muse Core & FSL Muse 3D Autofocus desktop CO2 Laser cutters and engravers. Capable of eliminating the majority of harmful fumes or particles that are generated during the laser cutting & engraving process, this low-cost fume extractor is an excellent addition to any business, home workshop, or Makerspace.

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As with any piece of technology, it is important to follow the manufacturers' recommendations on maintenance in order to get the maximum use and performance out of a product. Users will need to replace the following FSL 100 Fume Extractor components:

Pre-Filter: The first layer of protection. This filter is positioned on the very top of the machine and is responsible for preventing particulates, which are created during the laser engraving & cutting process from escaping out of the exhaust port of your machine. 

Medium Efficiency Filter: Positioned just below the pre-filter, the medium efficiency filter was designed to act as a buffer and to provide additional filtration for any particles that managed to pass through the pre-filter.

HEPA Filter:  At the center of the Fume Extractor is the HEPA Filter. This filter is designed to catch any few remaining particles that may have passed through the first two filters.

Activated Charcoal Filter: The bottom and final filter, this filter is designed to catch any particles that managed to make it past the first three. This filter is capable of eliminating almost all of the particulate generated during the laser cutting & engraving process.


Fume Extractors are ideal for workshops that do not have outside ventilation systems. Equipped with a cotton pre-­filter, a HEPA filter, and activated carbon filters. These filters help to remove particles, large and small, as well as remove odors.

 As the smallest fume extractor in FSL's Fume Extractor lineup, the FSL 100 Small Fume Extractor is suitable for light-duty use (<2hrs a day) when cutting primarily wood or light acrylic.

Maximum Power: 350W
Air Inlet Size: 4"
Typical Flow Rate: 210 CFM

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