3D Solex Printcore Pro 7 (Build Core)

The Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5 have everything - from reliable, repeatable prints to impressive dual extrusion, except for one thing; abrasive materials. Enter the Printcore from 3D Solex - an Ultimaker specific Print Core with hardened steel nozzles capable of extruding materials like NylonX or PRO Series Carbon Fiber PLA without wearing down. This kit includes 7 total nozzles and everything required to change between them.

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The Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker S3, and the Ultimaker S5 are all reliable and user-friendly 3D printers, utilizing the Printcore you can now bring your designs to life with abrasive materials like NylonX or Carbon Fiber PRO Series PLA. This Print Core comes with a 0.4mm printcore CHT nozzle installed and with 6 more in the box. Also included is a jig to support the print core and a wrench to change the nozzle. This pack is everything you need to bring abrasive filaments to your Print Core utilizing Ultimaker today.

Everything you need to swap nozzles is included


The Printcore comes pre-assembled with a 0.4mm hardened nozzle, but the kit also includes these other sizes:

  • 0.15mm
  • 0.25mm
  • (2) 0.40mm
  • 0.60mm
  • 0.80mm
  • 1.00mm

No matter what you want to create with abrasive materials on your Ultimaker 3 or S5, the Printcore has the nozzle to make it happen! 


The number one rule when changing 3D printer nozzles is to always do so with the hotend heated. Trying to change nozzles cold will always lead to broken components and broken hearts. Changing nozzles on the Printcore Print Core is interesting as you need to have the print core removed from the machine to do the swap. Here is the procedure for correctly changing nozzles without damaging any components:

  1. Ensure the nozzle is clean by performing a cold pull on the print core
  2. Heat the Print Core to 160°C
  3. Shut the Ultimaker 3 down using the switch on the back
  4. Remove the Printcore - BE CAREFUL - the core is heated at this stage
  5. Mount the core in the included jig and ensure the heater block is seated in the square wrench
  6. Using the included nozzle wrench, remove the nozzle from the heater block - being very careful with the hot components
  7. Install the new nozzle and tighten it down with the nozzle wrench
  8. You're done installing the nozzle, the last thing to do is set the Line Width in Cura to match the new nozzle diameter.

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