Inventables Inventables Wood Clamp Set


The Inventables Wood Clamp Set includes 4 durable red oak clamps with M6 threaded inserts for adjustable height, enhancing protection for softer materials. The set comes with all necessary hardware and a CAD file for DIY replacements. Ideal for secure, versatile woodworking with minimal risk to tools.

  • Made from durable red oak
  • Includes M6 adjustable height feature
  • CAD file provided for easy replacement
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Product No. M-Y1G-SDYR

Inventables Wood Clamp Set

Product Details

This set consists of 4 clamps, 4 threaded insert and a set of screws. The clamps are made of red oak. They are strong but are less likely to shatter bits if they are hit. You should only need one set. The CAD file is provided so you can make your own if you damage one.

The clamps have an M6 threaded insert at one end. You can use the provided M6 carriage bolts to adjust the height of the clamp. This allows you to adjust the clamp so that is less likely to damage softer materials.

Parts List

  • (4x) Red oak clamp body
  • (4x) Carriage Bolt M6 x 35mm
  • (4x) Socket Head M5 x 25mm
  • (4x) Socket Head M5 x 35mm
  • (4x) Flat Washer #10
  • (4x) M6 Threaded inserts

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