Kai Parthy LAY-AWAY LAYaPVA Support Filament - 2.85mm (0.25kg)


Kai Parthy introduces the LAY-AWAY series, featuring four innovative support filaments as alternatives to PVA and HIPS, enhancing 3D printing projects. LAYaPVA stands out with its superb print viscosity, stability during long tool changes, optimal printing at 230°C, and quick, easy water solubility.

  • Excellent print viscosity for smooth printing
  • Stable during lengthy tool changes
  • Quickly dissolves in water
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Product No. M-7XD-Z4ME

Kai Parthy, creator of MOLDLAY, LAYWOO-D3, and REFLECT-O-LAY is back with his LAY-AWAY series and four amazing new support filaments! These support materials were created as alternatives to PVA and HIPS and really open up the possibilities for your next 3D printed project!

Check out the video above or read our article on How to Succeed When 3D Printing with PVA Filament

LAYaPVA is an excellent PVA that has excellent print viscosity and remains stable during any lengthy tool-changing periods. It prints best around 230 C, and like Kai's other water-soluble filaments, dissolves quickly and easily in water.

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