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Kai Parthy LAYWOO-D3 Meta5 Filament - 1.75mm (0.25kg)

0.25kg of 1.75mm LAYWOO-D3 wood filament, coiled and ready-to-use for 3D Printing.

List Price: $39.00
Product No. M-H2T-UCFK
Laywood Meta5 is an innovative 3D printing filament that enables you to print objects in cardboard. 
With this profound new material you can print objects that look and smell like cardboard! Laywood Meta5 is the only cardboard like material from the LayFilaments Series. To be precise Laywood Meta5 filament is a mixture of 40% recycled cardboard with a binding polymer. This cardboard/polymer composite allows the filament to be printed just like thermoplastic filaments and it sticks as well as ABS. 
The thermal strength of Laywood Meta5 filament is similar to PLA and can be printed between 225°C and 250°C.  

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