LDO LDO V0.2-S1 Voron 0.2 3D Printer Upgrade Kit


Upgrade your LDO Motors V0-S1 with the new V0.2-S1 Voron 0.2 3D Printer Kit. With a hinged Tophat and locking cams, the Mini Stealthburner, HIWIN Liner Rails on X-Axis, a dedicated 24V Bed Heater, and plenty of other exciting modifications from LDO, this upgrade kit allows your Voron 0.1 to continue to the next evolution of the powerful, DIY assembly 3D printer known for its compact size and supreme print quality. The Voron 0.2 has true desktop, small-formats and direct drives which make it, like the Voron 0.1, perfect for easy and efficient prototyping.

Compact, Desktop-Friendly Build Size
Bundles All Essential Hardware to Get Started
High Printing Quality with Potential for High-Speed Printing
Customize the Color of Printed Parts

Product No. M-HT8-QLH3
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Price: $39.99
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LDO Voron0-S1 3D Printer Kit

A Powerful, DIY Assembly 3D Printer

Like the Voron 0, the LDO V0-S1 is the perfect desktop companion for easy and efficient prototyping with its compact size and rigid assembly that delivers supreme print quality. Industry-favorite LDO has sourced and manufactured the highest quality components for this kit.

Key Features of the LDO V0.2-S1 Voron 0.2 3D Printer Kit:

  • New hinged Tophat with locking cams
  • Mini Stealthburner
  • HIWIN Liner Rails on X-Axis
  • Picobilical Toolhead cable
  • Kirigami Bed Mount
  • Dedicated 24V Bed Heater
  • SKR Pico LDO Edition Mainboard
  • Plus everything offered in the V0-S1 Kit

Want the Voron 0.2 but don't have a Voron 0.1 to upgrade? Check out the LDO V0.2-S1 Voron 0.2 3D Printer Kit.

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