LOCTITE LOCTITE 3D MED412 Resin - Ultra Clear - 1kg


LOCTITE MED412 is a medical-grade photopolymer resin offering high strength, durability, and flexibility, similar to polypropylene. Designed for healthcare needs, it's available in clear and white, providing excellent elongation, wear resistance, and is sterilizable. It meets ISO 10993-5, -10, and -23 biocompatibility standards and is compatible with various DLP machines, ensuring safety and versatility in medical manufacturing.

  • High durability and wear resistance
  • Sterilizable for hygiene compliance
  • Broad DLP machine compatibility
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Medical Resins Designed for Durability

LOCTITE MED412, a medical-grade photopolymer resin crafted to deliver unparalleled strength and durability coupled with exceptional elongation, impact, and compression strength, akin to polypropylene. Tailored for healthcare applications demanding robust wear resistance, this resin is a game-changer. Available in clear and white variations, it offers excellent elongation, superior wear resistance, and is sterilizable, facilitating machining, tapping, or polishing as needed. LOCTITE 3D MED412 is a powerhouse, meeting ISO 10993-5, -10, and -23 standards for biocompatibility, ensuring quality and safety. With certificates of compliance available upon request, it is compatible with a wide range of DLP machines.

Key Features of the PRODUCT:

  • Excellent elongation for flexibility and resilience
  • Strong and durable construction for reliability in medical applications
  • Superior wear resistance ensures longevity and performance
  • Sterilizable for maintaining strict hygiene standards
  • Compatibility with a broad range of DLP machines for versatility in manufacturing processes


  • Cytotoxicity: Passed ISO 10993-5 standard, indicating non-cytotoxic properties.
  • Irritation & Skin Sensitization: Successfully passed ISO 10993-10, ensuring minimal irritation and skin sensitization potential.
  • Tests for Irritation: Passed ISO 10993-23 tests, indicating compliance with irritation standards.
  • Elongation at Break: 141%
  • Tensile Modulus: 1245 MPa
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength: 38 MPa
  • Impact Strength (Notched): 43 J/m
  • Heat Deflection Temperature: 40°C

Note: Results conform to ISO and ASTM standards when utilizing an approved Henkel-validated workflow.

Mechanical Properties Measure Method Green Post Processed
Tensile Stress at Break (MPa) ASTM D638 20 - 25 35 - 40
Tensile Stress at Yield (MPa) ASTM D638 28 - 23 30 - 38
Young’s Modulus (MPa) ASTM D638 850 - 1000 1250 - 1400
Elongation at Break (%) ASTM D638 115 - 130 105 - 115
IZOD Impact (Notched) (J/m) ASTM D256 - 47 - 52
HDT at 0.455 MPa (°C) ASTM D648 - 38 - 40
HDT at 1.82 MPa (°C) ASTM D648 - 34 - 35
Shore Hardness (3s) (D) ASTM 2240 - 70
Water Absorption (24 hr) (%) ASTM 570 - 0.27 – 0.28


Validated workflows need to be followed to achieve properties as provided in the TDS. Examples of validated workflow steps are listed below. Users should defer to the most current workflow information for the best results which can be found here

Printer Settings:

LOCTITE 3D MED412 UCL is formulated to print optimally on industrial DLP printer. Read the safety data sheet carefully to get details about health and safety instructions. Recommended print parameters:

  • Shake resin bottle well before usage
  • Temperature: 20°C to 25°C
  • Intensity: 4 mW/cm² to 8 mW/cm²
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