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LulzBot Aerostruder v2 Micro

The amazing engineers at Lulzbot have done it again! This exciting new Tool Head for the Mini 2 allows astounding fine detail 3D prints with a 0.25 mm E3D Nozzle! Create the tiny prints with the amazing detail you've always dreamed of! Your Lulzbot printer just got even more incredible. (At this time, the Micro is only available for the Mini 2, however a fixture is being designed so that it will soon be available for the Taz 6 as well!)

Product No. MDW37KJ1
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Reach new layer heights on your LulzBot Mini 2 for snap-fit parts and tight tolerances, or save time in post processing by using minuscule layer heights as low as 0.05 mm (50 microns).

The LulzBot Aerostruder v2 Micro Tool Head allows for a much higher level of detail and surface quality for designers, engineers and designers look for prints they can present as soon as they're completed. The Micro Tool Head will be compatible with LulzBot TAZ 6, TAZ 5, and LulzBot Mini 1 3D Printers soon!

“The Aerostruder v2 Micro Tool Head—paired with the LulzBot Mini 2 3D Printer—has changed my perception of what is possible with filament 3D printing. In terms of resolution and surface finish, the prints from this new tool head are very impressive” Aleph Objects Product Specialist Adam Straight said. “The precision of E3D Titan Aero extruders and hot ends complements the premium quality built into every LulzBot 3D Printer.”

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