LulzBot M175 Single Extruder Tool Head - 1.75mm x 0.50mm

1.75mm 3D printing has come to LulzBot. Selecting a 3D printer has long meant deciding which of the two filament diameters you would be committing to, and by replacing a 1.75mm printer wit a 2.85mm printer, you were effectively throwing all your previous filament away. But no longer. With the M175 Tool Head, all your 1.75mm filament can be put to good use, printing on your Workhorse, Mini 2 or TAZ Pro. Or utilize the Universal Tool Head Adaptor and get the M175 running on your TAZ 6 or Mini 1! Select the material you want, without worrying about diameter, with the M175 Tool Head.

Product No. M-8KL-V90T
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Tech Specs

  • Layer Resolution: 0.05mm - 0.5mm (0.002" - 0.020")
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.5mm
  • Nozzle: Slice Engineering Bridgemaster™ nozzle
  • Hot End Temperature Range: 120°C - 290°C (248°F - 554°F)
  • Hot End Heatup Time: From 23°C to 210°C (73°F to 410°F) in 95 seconds
  • Extruder & Hot End: Bond Tech BMG, Slice Engineering® Mosquito Hotend®
  • Required Power: 24 Volts
  • Fans:
    • 5v 25 mm heat sink cooling fan
    • 24v centrifugal print cooling fan
  • Weight: 436.5 g (0.96 lbs)
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