MatterHackers MatterHackers Dual Extrusion Engineering Filament Bundle - 1.75mm

Excellent as starter packs and refills for any dual extrusion 3D printer prototyping and production workflow, these filament packs include all the materials to succeed with your next project. Available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm filament, these bundles are perfect for any 3D printer but are especially great refill packs for the Ultimaker S5 Material Handling Station. For Nylon and Ionic, remember to dry your materials in a PrintDry before use for best results and reliable performance.

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MatterHackers Prototyping Filament Bundle includes all the materials you need to start your next project

3D printing empowers creators to have an idea at breakfast, design throughout the morning and create a test unit over lunch. The Prototyping Filament Bundle includes every material the engineer or hobbyist needs to supply their dual extrusion 3D printer with MatterHackers PRO Series PLA filament to create their next idea, and compatible Breakaway Support material to make even the most complex parts an easy print. PRO Series PLA is all made in the USA with a dimensional tolerance of ±0.02mm with superior color consistency batch to batch. The tight tolerance on filament diameter means your 3D prints will be produced exactly as you designed them, perfect for fit testing and function testing. For higher temperature testing, PRO Series Tough PLA is manufactured with Natureworks 3D870 PLA which can be annealed after printing for higher strength and heat tolerance, all while maintaining compatibility with PRO Series Breakaway Support Material. Dual extrusion and easy-to-remove support materials put the freedom in your hands to design the parts as you need for any application, without limitations.

Engineering Grade materials for high-intensity prototyping or end-use parts

Nylon 3D printing filament succeeds thanks to its high heat deflection temperature and higher ductility than PLA for superior shatter resistance under load. MatterHackers has made nylon useful in a wide variety of applications by adding glass or carbon fiber reinforcement to create NylonG and NylonX. NylonX retains all the benefits of nylon but raises the stiffness of printed parts for higher load applications. The inclusion of carbon fiber also creates a naturally matte finish which hides layer lines and produces beautifully strong components. The glass-fiber reinforcement of NylonG gives the material increased impact resistance, ideal for applications including short-term high-impact environments. These capabilities make NylonX and NylonG desirable materials in many situations from functional prototyping to end-use parts for many needs. Because of this, the part needed may not always lend itself to easy 3D printing, which makes MatterHackers Core Series Ionic Hybrid High-Temperature Support Material the perfect material to unleash the power of engineering-grade nylon composites with any 3D design. Ionic can be removed by hand as breakaway support but it also dissolves in water for complete support removal in small corners as well as internal cavities.

Go from idea to reality with the Print to Production Filament Bundle

One 3D printer doesn't need to be limited to a single style of production, and if you only have one printer available then it needs to be a master of all workflows. The Print to Production Filament Bundle includes MatterHackers PRO Series PLA, Tough PLA and Breakaway Support for those complex prototype models, as well as NylonX, NylonG, and Ionic Hybrid Support for production parts for industrial prototyping applications. This bundle pulls together the benefits of the 3D printing workflow from end to end, starting with a great idea and leading to a tested, tried and true design produced with reliable materials right at your desk.

The contents for each of these three bundles is detailed below:

Engineering Bundle

  • 2x Black NylonG 0.5kg
  • 2x NylonX 0.5kg
  • 2x Ionic 0.75kg

Prototyping Bundle

  • 2x Black PRO Series PLA 1kg
  • 2x White PRO Series PLA 1kg
  • 2x PRO Series Breakaway Support Material 1kg

Print to Production Bundle

  • 1x Black PRO Series PLA 1kg
  • 1x Black PRO Series Tough PLA 1kg
  • 1x Black NylonG 0.5kg
  • 1x NylonX 0.5kg
  • 1x PRO Series Breakaway Support Material 1kg
  • 1x Ionic 0.75kg

Technical Specifications

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