MatterHackers MatterHackers Launchpad - Application Engineer (2 Hours)

In addition to our collection of guides and articles, Launchpad gives you direct access to MatterHackers' expert engineers. Included is two hours of digital assistance where our engineers will guide you through setting up your printer or answer any questions you might have from our setup guides, ensuring you're perfectly poised for success.

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Price: $250.00
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Product No. M-E9C-C01Z

Get the Guidance You Need

Although the printer setup guides you've received are comprehensive, we understand that everyone's journey is unique and you might have specific questions. That's where 'Launchpad Application Engineer Time' comes in. It's your opportunity to collaborate directly with a MatterHackers expert, ensuring you advance your skills and understanding to the desired level. Whether you're just beginning with PLA, aiming to produce engineering-grade components with NylonX, or diving deep into design nuances for flawless 3D prints, MatterHackers is committed to accompanying you every step of the way in your learning journey.

We Meet You Where You Are

If you're new to 3D printing and uncertain about getting started once your printer arrives, Launchpad is your stepping stone from unboxing to achieving your first successful 3D print. For those aiming to elevate their 3D printing processes by exploring new materials or considering machine upgrades, we're here to guide you to the perfect choices. Our Launchpad Application Engineer consultations are designed for continued support; you can book additional sessions as your expertise grows and your queries change over time.

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