MicroSwiss Micro Swiss Plated Brass Wear Resistant Nozzle for Zortrax 3D Printers - 0.40mm

The Micro Swiss Plated Brass Wear Resistant Nozzle features TwinClad XT nickel composite coating, enhancing durability and reducing filament adhesion. With a hardness of 65-67 HRC and a low coefficient of friction (0.08), it offers superior wear resistance for extended nozzle life.

  • TwinClad XT nickel composite coating.
  • Hardness rating of 65-67 HRC.
  • Low friction coefficient: 0.08.
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The M200 and M300 are awesome machines, and you're going to want to print on them constantly, and that much use can cause wear on a brass nozzle.

Enter the Wear Resistant Nozzle. Coated in a TwinClad XT, nickel composite, this nozzle will last much longer while you use your Zortrax to make amazing things.

TwinClad® XT wear-resistant plating with non-stick composite additive.

Plating Hardness: 
65 – 67 HRC

Coefficient of friction: 0.08

Wear Resistance: 
Superior hardness and pore-free deposit qualities increase resistance to abrasion wear and filament adhesive for longer nozzle life

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