Modix3D Modix Large Spool Shelf - BIG-60

This modular spool shelf was designed for use with the Modix BIG-60, BIG-120X, or BIG-120Z 3D Printer. With this optional add-on, users can store filament spools of up to 8kg or more conveniently on the side of their machine while also enjoying the added benefit of more efficient feeding of filament to the extruder.

Please note, that this add-on is included by default with the Modix BIG-Meter and BIG-180X printer kits.

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NOTE: Items are shipped from Hong Kong. Pricing does not include customs, taxes, or import & brokerage fees. Customers are responsible for these additional fees which will be collected on delivery.

Smooth flow of filament from large spools has never been easier than with this spool shelf from Modix. This optional shelf add-on adheres to the side of your Modix 3D printer and is capable of supporting spools that weigh up to 8kg or more. Thanks to the convenient placement on the side bearing mounting, less force is needed to effectively feed the extruder — resulting in a more efficient and consistent flow of material as well as reduced risk of material jams.

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