Modix Modix Griffin High-Resolution Hotend

The Modix Griffin Print Head, now standard on Modix printers, elevates 3D printing with its custom Bondtech extruder and advanced Modix hotend. It offers high performance through a double drive-gear system, a nickel-coated copper heat block for up to 500°C temperatures, and easy nozzle replacements. Its design supports quick filament changes, extensive compatibility with E3D Volcano nozzles, and features automatic Z-offset calibration for precise, efficient printing.

  • High flow rate, supports up to 500C temperatures.
  • Simplified nozzle replacement enhances user experience.
  • Smart automatic Z-offset calibration feature.
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Modix Griffin Print Head

Redefining Precision and Versatility in 3D Printing

The Modix Griffin Print Head represents a paradigm shift in 3D printing technology, now standard on all Modix printers. Crafted with precision and innovation, it features a custom extruder by Bondtech and a cutting-edge hotend by Modix. Engineered for high performance, it boasts a double drive-gear system for superior filament handling and a nickel-coated copper heat-block for enhanced heat transfer and compatibility with temperatures up to 500°C. Reinforced mounting ensures reliability, while simplified user experience facilitates nozzle replacements with ease. Designed for versatility, it enables swift filament subsystem swaps for dedicated printing setups. Its compact design preserves ample Z-axis travel and integrates seamlessly with a variety of E3D Volcano nozzles. Smart features like automatic Z-offset calibration streamline operation, promising unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Key Features of the Modix Griffin Print Head:

  • High flow rate & high printing temperatures
  • Higher reliability with reinforced mounting
  • Improved user experience with simplified nozzle replacements
  • Easy swap filament subsystem for dedicated setups
  • Smart features for automatic Z-offset calibration.

Enhanced Performance and Versatility

Experience unparalleled printing capabilities with our high-performance print head. Featuring a Bondtech extruder with a double drive-gear system and a nickel-coated copper heat-block, it ensures optimal filament handling and compatibility with temperatures up to 500°C. Plus, with an advanced Slice Engineering Bi-Metal heat-break and upgraded PT-1000 temperature sensor, you can achieve precise prints even in the most demanding conditions.

  • Double drive-gear system for enhanced filament control
  • Nickel-coated copper heat-block enables compatibility with high temperatures
  • Advanced heat-break and temperature sensor ensure precise printing up to 500°C.

Enhanced Reliability and Durability

Ensure uninterrupted printing with this upgraded print head, designed for enhanced reliability. Featuring a rigid mounting system with heat-block bracing on three faces, it minimizes the risk of damage from impacts or collisions during large-scale printing. Plus, the longer-type Griffin High-Flow option seamlessly integrates with the sturdy mounting for added durability and versatility.

  • Rigid mounting system reduces risks of damage during printing
  • Heat-block bracing on three faces enhances durability
  • Compatibility with longer-type Griffin High-Flow option expands versatility.

Improved User Experience and Versatility

Revolutionize your printing experience with our user-friendly print head design. Easily replace nozzles single-handedly thanks to the rigid mounting system, and enjoy seamless filament subsystem swaps for dedicated setups, providing unparalleled convenience and adaptability.

  • Single-handed nozzle replacement for effortless maintenance
  • Versatile filament subsystem swaps for dedicated printing setups
  • Simplified user experience enhances efficiency and flexibility.

Compact Design and Intelligent Calibration

Experience the perfect balance of efficiency and precision with our print head's compact design and intelligent calibration features. Enjoy ample Z-axis travel while benefiting from compatibility with a wide range of E3D Volcano nozzles, and streamline your printing process with automatic Z-offset calibration for unparalleled accuracy and ease of use.

  • Compact design preserves generous Z-axis travel
  • Compatibility with a variety of E3D Volcano nozzles enhances versatility
  • Automatic Z-offset calibration simplifies setup and ensures precise prints.

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