Modix Modix IDEX Calibration Tool


The Modix IDEX Calibration Tool is designed for precise nozzle alignment in IDEX printers, offering hands-free operation, three-angle engagement for accurate offset calculation, and strong magnetic attachment. It includes an electronic controller and sensor, simplifying the calibration process and ensuring high-quality multi-material printing.

  • Hands-free, precise nozzle alignment
  • Three-angle engagement, accurate offset calculation
  • Strong magnetic attachment, simplified calibration routine
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Product No. M-KEE-ZRNL

Modix IDEX Calibration Tool

Streamlining Precision for Seamless Multi-Material Printing

Introducing the IDEX Calibration Tool, a revolutionary solution designed to ensure precise alignment of nozzles for optimal IDEX printing performance. With its hands-free functionality, this tool engages with each nozzle from three angles, facilitating accurate offset calculation by the controller. This guarantees consistent, high-quality multi-material printing results, preventing any unwanted mixing of filaments. Easily attachable to the printer bed using strong magnets, the sensor remains firmly in place during calibration. Comprising an electronic controller and sensor, this tool streamlines the calibration process, storing offset parameters for hassle-free nozzle replacements.

Key Features of the Modix IDEX Calibration Tool:

  • Hands-free calibration for precise alignment
  • Three-angle engagement for accurate offset calculation
  • Secure attachment with strong magnets
  • Electronic controller doubles as a rest point when not in use
  • Simplified calibration routine for easy maintenance and upkeep

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