Mosaic Mosaic Array Automated 3D Printing Manufacturing System - 8


The Mosaic Array helps maximize efficiency with automated bed removal and material changing systems, allowing your team to focus on other tasks. Experience precision printing with automated bed leveling and unlock new possibilities with Palette X's multi-material capabilities.

  • Manage 4 Element / HT - Multi Printer System that manages 4 Multi Material 3D Printers!
  • 40 Automation print beds for continuous printing
  • Storage cart for storing completed print beds
  • use up to 32 Material Pods
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Mosaic Array Features: 

  • Automated Bed Removal and Material Changing Systems

  • Palette X Multi-Material Printing

  • Automated Bed Leveling

  • Industry-Leading Support and Service

  • Premium White Glove Setup

Automated Material Loading and Unloading

The system automatically handles the loading and unloading of materials, reducing the need for manual intervention. This streamlines the printing process, saving time and reducing the likelihood of human error.

Seamless Transitions with Multi Material Printing

The system ensures smooth and precise transitions between different materials during the printing process. This results in high-quality prints with clear boundaries and minimal mixing between materials, which is essential for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing multi-material parts.

Smart Material Management through Canvas

The system intelligently tracks material usage and inventory levels, notifying users when supplies are running low. This proactive approach to material management helps prevent interruptions in the printing process and ensures that projects can be completed on time. Take full control of your print queue and key performance metrics with advanced queue management, comprehensive dashboards, and robust project management tools.

Premium White Glove Setup

In partnership with Mosaic, we offer a premium setup service that includes installation, configuration, and comprehensive training for your team. This ensures that you are fully equipped to utilize the Array system from day one, facilitating a smooth transition to mass-scale production and minimizing the learning curve.

Technical Specifications for Array & Array HT

Model Array Array HT
Print Head(s) Print Head 0.4 Print Head 0.4 HT or Print Head 0.4
Max Nozzle Temp 300°C 500°C
Heated Chambers Up to 80°C Up to 80°C
Heated Build Plates Up to 120°C Up to 120°C
Supported Materials Mosaic PLA, Mosaic PETG, Mosaic Origin,
Mosaic Matrix, Mosaic Dissolve LT,
Mosaic ABS, Mosaic Breakaway LT,
Mosaic ESD, Mosaic Flex2

Mosaic PLA, Mosaic PETG, Mosaic
Origin, Mosaic Matrix, Mosaic Dissolve LT,
Mosaic ABS, Mosaic Breakaway LT,
Mosaic ESD, Mosaic Flex1

Mosaic PEEK,
Mosaic PEKK, Mosaic PEI 9085

What is included:

  • Array
  • 4 Element printers
  • 8 Material Pods
  • 8 Beds
  • 4 LT Print Heads
  • 1 Storage Cart
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