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Mosaic's Element is a 3D printer that uses an integrated multi-material system. It includes Material Pods that contain a motor that feeds filament from the Pod to Palette X, and onwards to the print head. Element has full control over material management and therefore does not require splicing. This promotes higher quality prints while also resulting in less material waste.

  • Integrated multi-material system
  • Work with up to 8 different materials on one 3D Printer
  • Manage your projects all through Canvas workflow
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Mosaic Element Multi Material 3D Printer

  • High-Temperature Capabilities: With a hot-end capable of reaching up to 500°C and a heated build chamber, the Element HT can print with high-strength, industrial-grade materials, including PEEK, PEKK, and Polycarbonate, making it suitable for demanding applications.

  • Material Flexibility and Automated Switching: It supports up to 8 different materials in a single print, offering unparalleled flexibility. The automated material-switching feature allows for seamless transitions between materials, enhancing productivity and creativity in print projects.

  • Large Build Volume: The Element HT offers a generous build volume of 14" x 14" x 14", enabling the creation of large parts or multiple small parts in a single print job, suitable for a wide range of applications from prototypes to finished products.

  • Precision Printing with Automated Bed Leveling: Ensures consistent print quality by automatically adjusting the printhead's distance from the build plate, providing precision printing every time and reducing the need for manual calibrations.

  • Integrated Workflow Management with Canvas: This feature allows users to control all aspects of their printing process, from preparing multi-material prints to starting and monitoring print status. It facilitates efficient project management and collaboration within teams.

These features make the Element a powerful and versatile 3D printer, ideal for professional users and industries requiring high-quality, functional prints with advanced materials.

Element's very own integrated multi-material system

Element has Material Pods that contain a motor that feeds filament from the Pod to Palette X, and onwards to the print head. Unlike the standalone Palette device, Palette X does not splice the materials. Element, along with Palette X, has full control over material management and therefore does not require splicing. This promotes higher quality prints while also resulting in less material waste.

Mosaic Element & Element HT will include 2 Material Pods that can easily attach on the side of the 3D Printer

Cloud connect to Mosaic Canvas and manage your prints anywhere

Optimize your user experience with CANVAS to fully control projects anywhere. Canvas is Mosaic's simple and easy-to-use slicer built for Multi-Material, this software is free for any single user. Monitor your prints from home, or anywhere with Element's webcams connected to CANVAS. Easily share, save, organize, and track your print settings on the cloud. With cloud connection, you can reduce time and complete projects quickly.

Element’s cloud connectivity to CANVAS optimizes the user experience and allows full control over your projects conveniently from the printer itself

How does the Mosaic Element work?

  1. Choose: Element uses a modular direct-drive toolhead, capable of 350°C material prints, which can be removed in seconds. Choose up to 8 materials/colors per print with a single toolhead. Element HT broadens your selection to include engineering-grade materials with a hot-end capable of 500°C.
  2. Slice: Create prints that are up to 14” 3 and use CANVAS to easily paint or assign up to 8 materials/colors per print. Upload files wirelessly and control your printer from anywhere where an internet connection is available using a web browser to access Spend less time configuring settings by using premade print profiles tuned for Mosaic materials.
  3. Load: Start your print and Mosaic Material Pods work directly with Palette X
  4. Print: Watch your print complete using CoreXY kinematics, Trinamic stepper drivers, and rapid travel speeds on HIWIN linear rails. Transition quickly between materials without losing build space with Element’s short material path coupled with our transition densifier system, which deposits transition material safely into a removable container. While Element works, use the touchscreen UI to check printer operation at any time directly from the printer.
  5. Monitor: Element’s built-in webcam lets you check on your print remotely through CANVAS to make sure the process is running smoothly. Mosaic Materials contain RFID technology that enables automated failure and filament run-out detection. You will be notified by the LED status indicator and on the touchscreen UI on the front of Element if the printer or print requires an operator’s attention.
  6. Completion & Removal: Mosaic’s build plates are magnetically held in place so they are easy to remove from Element. They are also flexible which makes removing the print from the plate a painless process. Upon placing the plate back into Element to start your next print, it will automatically level to achieve consistent first layers.

A modular toolhead design makes it easier than ever to remove your print head for repairs or a swap, and reinstalling it is just as simple! (left is Element, right is Element HT)

Technical Features of Element & Element HT:

  • Build Volume: 14 x 14 x 14
  • 2 Material Pods included (additional pods available for purchase separately)
  • Integrated Palette X
  • 8 materials/colours in a single print
  • Modular toolhead, kinematically coupled
  • Integrated purge container with a densifier
  • LED print-status indicator incorporated into the design
  • Cloud-connected to CANVAS
  • HIWIN Linear Rails
  • CoreXY Kinematics Systems
  • Trinamic Stepper Drivers

Specific features of Element include:

  • 350°C hot-end
  • 120°C heated bed
  • Compatible filament: Nylon, CF Nylon, ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU, PVA, HIPS
  • 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Specific features of Element HT include:

  • 500°C hot-end
  • 120°C heated bed
  • 90°C heated chamber 
  • Compatible filament: Nylon, CF Nylon, ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU, PVA, HIPS, PEKK, PEEK, Ultem 9085
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
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