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You will learn the basics of 3D design, prototyping, design for additive manufacturing, slicing, and how to use a 3D printer in this series of six virtual, self-paced courses offered by New Collar Network. Select a bundle option including the badges and a 3D printer for an easy, out-of-the-box experience. Each completed course earns you a badge which shows any future employer that you’ve got the 3D printing skills they need to hire! The six badges are issued in sequence for a complete FDM training experience. Schools and business teams of 6+ may qualify for private trainings on your own schedule. Individual badges may be available if you qualify. For further questions regarding New Collar Badges email

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New Collar Self-Paced Digital Master Badge Includes: 

  • Intro to Digital Design Badge
  • Design for 3D Printing Badge
  • CAM for FDM 3D Printing Badge
  • Fundamentals of FDM 3D Printing Badge
  • Post Processing FDM Parts Badge
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting FDM Printers Badge

New Collar Digital Badges can help you learn the basics of computer-aided design modeling for application in the 3D printing world, and so much more!


The 3D Printer and Digital Badge bundles let you learn additive manufacturing principles at home with lots of time to experiment on your own machine. The courses are designed for beginners, as well as anyone wanting to gain skill credentials. You’ll identify a problem at home, school, or work, and design a solution that will be peer-reviewed in a fun, independent studio format to move your solution forward. New Collar Network badges are project-based, so there are no exams. Instead, you keep and build a portfolio on New Collar's secure online platform, building a demonstration of your progress for potential employers or college admission applications.

Course Schedule

Once your order is placed for self paced badges, our sales team will send you a registration link to learn at your own pace. Instructor-led classes are a great option for groups, they can be scheduled based on a time frame that works for your team. For More Information, please email

Instructor-led classes are also available and a great option for groups, they can be scheduled based on a time frame that works for your team. For More Information, please email

Get started with CAD - Digital Badge: Intro to Digital Design

Looking for a new skill that is needed across industries? While new technologies like 3D Printing, AI, laser machining, and wearable circuits are popping up everywhere, Digital Design is key to working with all of these tools.  First, you must master basic design concepts before jumping into this new Future of Work! This Intro to Digital Design Digital Badge certifies your ability to work in 3D Design, and is the pre-requisite for our other 3D Printing classes and Digital Badges. Learn the basics of Computer-Aided Design [CAD] modeling - the underlying foundation of new technologies like 3D Printing - utilizing free online software. The self-paced two-week course will accustom students to thinking visually in 3D; accurately moving, positioning, and dimensioning 3D geometry; and composing simple 3D shapes to create more complex forms. For anyone who is new to CAD software, this course is a prerequisite to taking the Design for FDM 3D Printing Digital Badge. There is no prior experience required, and this course is ideal for high school and college students, as well as Lifelong Learners of any age, who are looking to change careers or start a digital business.

This is a virtual classes 2x per week for 2 weeks with hands-on practice, peer review & discussion via the free GoToMeeting platform. Your designs will be 3D Printed and photographed for the iterative design review process.  The final design will be printed, disinfected, and mailed to students.

To earn a Digital Badge you will:
Demonstrate basic proficiency in digital design, including: creation of basic shapes; positioning, rotating, and scaling of shapes; duplication and grouping operations; use of rulers and work planes. Demonstrate an ability to build complex designs from simple shapes that will be 3D Printed by staff for review.

Start Your New Career in 3D Printing - Digital Badge: Design for 3D Printing

Whether you are adding 3D Printing to a current job or looking for a fresh start in an exciting new field, Design for 3D Printing is the first step in your additive manufacturing journey. Learn how to apply Digital Design principles to the specific requirements of the FDM 3D Printing process.  This course also shows you how to take advantage of 3D Printing’s unique capabilities and opportunities. Taught online, you’ll see your designs come to life – virtually!

This portable credential verifies your achievement in:

  • recognizing the unique properties of 3D printing, versus subtractive manufacturing techniques.
  • applying 3D printing considerations to CAD designs
  • understanding the best CAD programs to use for designing 3D printed parts
  • designing a part that is optimized for 3D printing

Your project can include designing jewelry, industrial parts, small sculptures, household items, consumer products, or anything else that you can imagine.

Class Details:

  • Six weeks of 2-hour lecture/design review per week with self-practice outside class
  • Pre-requisite: Intro to Design Digital Badge or Equivalent CAD training or demonstrated experience - certificate or proof of competency required.
  • Design classes will be virtual via the free GoToMeeting platform. Your 3D prints will be available for review through photos in order to refine/modify your design.  The final project will be mailed to you at the end of the class.

Bring Your Ideas from Concept to Reality - Digital Badge: CAM for FDM 3D Printing

Learn how Computer Aided Manufacturing [CAM] principles convert design files to the FDM 3D Printer machine code software in order to translate the design for 3D printing. CAM is an essential step required to bring your ideas to life! The CAM for FDM  Digital Badge certifies that you know how to make your design file “readable” by your specific 3D Printer’s software.

This class meets 1x per week for 2 weeks with self-practice, project development between classes.

This portable credential verifies your achievement of the following skills:

  • Understanding 3D printing file conventions and methods of creating g-code
  • Understand the controllable parameters that “slicers” allow for FDM printing
  • Effectively create g-code for 3D printed parts
  • Print a part that is optimized by settings available in the slicer

Learn to Operate a 3D Printer - Digital Badge: Fundamentals of FDM 3D Printing

Working with industry experts takes the guesswork out of getting started and ensures you have quick success in 3D Printing. You’ll be learning the best practices for your new printer regardless of the brand you choose. Learn best practices for operating an FDM 3D Printer with an instructor who will be able to answer your questions about generic FDM 3D Printer operation, and will lead you through a project that earns this Digital Badge.

Access to an FDM 3D Printer is required for this course. We recommend checking out one of our 3D printer bundles here on this product listing for everything that you will need in order to get started with 3D printing.

This class meets 1x per week for 4 weeks with self-practice, project development between classes.

The digital badge you earn with your new 3D Printer will verify you have the following skills:

  • Understand the principles of operation and how to get starting printing
  • Understand the advantages and limitations of FDM compared to other manufacturing technologies
  • Be able to set up a print using a slicer, including layout and orientation
  • Understand how layout and orientation affect a print
  • Know when and how to use support when printing a model
  • Knowledge of common materials for FDM and the differences between them
  • Understand when and how to calibrate an FDM printer
  • Be able to discern high-quality from low-quality prints and to identify specific problems with a print
  • Be able to load and unload filament into the printer
  • Be able to identify and resolve common problems with the printer, including clogs

Become an expert at operating and maintaining your very own 3D printer!



What are the upcoming dates for classes? What if those don’t work for my schedule?

This product is a self-paced digital learning system which you complete online in your own time.  Instructor-led classes are also available and a great option for groups, they can be scheduled based on a time frame that works for your team. For More Information, please email

Does industry recognize badges when hiring?

More and more companies are adding micro-credentials to their hiring evaluations since they are looking for workers with skills rather than just degrees.  Even the federal government in July 2020 directed all US agencies to place emphasis on skills over college. For anyone with a college degree, the extra skill-specific training looks great on your resume and it is also great for getting into college programs.

Why is it called “CAM For FDM” when 3D printing uses CAD?

This badge teaches the fundamentals of slicing for 3D printing.  All 3D Printers must convert design files [CAD, .stl] to a language the machine can understand.  Computer Aided Manufacturing prepares the design file for the machine code specific to the printer. 

I’ve just purchased a 3D printer and I’m not interested in design, I just want 3D Printer 101. Can I purchase the Fundamentals badge on its own?
If you have a design certificate from an established group such as Autodesk or Solidworks, you can purchase Fundamentals on its own, but it’s a project-based, instructor-led class where you also design your own model, so some level of design skill is required. Email to speak with someone about other 3D printer specific trainings available.

I want classes to fit in my schedule, can you do private lessons?
This is the product for you!  It is a self-paced digital learning system which you complete online in your own time.

I’m a teacher and I’d like to use these for my classroom, how do I do that?

Schools can sign up for multiple badges to be administered to students on a schedule that works for you.  Email for details. 

Is there a recommended age or age minimum for these badges? 

These badges are designed for high school students through adults.

I am a business and would like my whole team to complete these badges, can we set up private trainings?

Yes we can set up private sessions for groups of 6 or more.  Email for details. Otherwise you need to purchase a self-paced registration for each employee.  

Who teaches the classes?

Instructors are part of the MIT Fab Lab Network and usually have degrees in engineering, education, computer science, etc. New Collar Network digital badges are issued by the North American Digital Fabrication Alliance, a non-profit organization of Fab Labs, makerspaces, businesses, colleges and K – 12 schools that is a recognized organization in the international Fab Lab Network founded at MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms.

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