NinjaTek NinjaTek Armadillo Fire Red TPU Filament - 2.85mm (0.5kg)


NinjaTek Armadillo is a rigid filament with properties that outperform some of the most common materials in the industry, such as PLA and ABS. This high-performance filament is extremely functional, with toughness ratings 86 times that of ABS and with 90% higher abrasion resistance than nylon materials! Armadillo is great for printing applications such as braces, gears, fasteners, and protective covers.

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NinjaTek's new Armadillo filament is a excellent alternative to PLA, ABS, and other common rigid materials in the industry. Its toughness, high abrasion resistance, and virtually no warping issues allow for a strong, rigid part that can withstand the wear and tear of repeated use. Best of all, you don't need a heated bed to print!

Key Features

  • Shore Hardness = 75D
  • Excellent bridging capabilities and virtually no warping
  • Abrasion resistance 84% better than PLA and 60% better than ABS
  • Chemical resistance to many materials, including naphtha, ASTM Oils #1-3, petroleum and freon
  • Consistent diameter and material properties providing reliable, high quality prints
  • 0.50kg spool
  • No heated bed required. Build platform requires same prep as PLA

Printing Guidelines

  • Extruder Temperature: 220°C – 230°C
  • Platform Temperature: Room temperature – 45°C
  • Glue or blue painters tape is suggested if not using a heated bed.
  • Top and bottom layers: 15-20 mm/ sec (900-1800 mm/ min)
  • Infill speeds: 45-60 mm/ sec (2700-3600 mm/ min)
  • Layer 2+ use cooling fan if available.

NinjaTek Armadillo SDS

NinjaTek Armadillo TDS

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