Peopoly Peopoly Moai Heavy Duty Z-Axis Upgrade

Love your Moai but want to upgrade it to be even more powerful? This upgrade for the original Moai "130" replaces the standard Z-axis rail, vastly improving the sturdiness of the design to offer maximum stability by minimizing any movement along the X axis, whether printing large, full volume prints, or tiny, fine detailed prints. It's easy to install and requires no modification to the existing frame, all without decreasing your Moai's build volume!

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Product No. M-VF3-FEQ2

Reinforce the Moai Infrastructure

Peopoly has designed the Heavy Duty Z-Axis specifically to replace the stock Z-Axis Rail on the standard Moai, without losing any build volume in the upgrade process. Once upgraded, the Heavy Duty Z-Axis will completely remove any Z-wobble that can sometimes subtly appear in very long prints. Most users never need such an upgrade, but for peace of mind, or for prints with very fine detail, the Heavy Duty Z-Axis is the upgrade for you.

Note that this upgrade cannot be done on the Moai 200.

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