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Peopoly Phenom Noir Resin Vat

The Resin Vat is a quick-swap replacement or backup component for your 3D printing setup. It is made from durable materials and is easy to clean and refill. This product is an excellent choice for rapid batch production.

  • Print with different colors or materials with no delay
  • Setup for rapid batch production
  • Frees you up from time spent draining, cleaning and refilling your print
Product No. M-WPT-61MY
Price: $150.00
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Having a second Resin Vat on hand opens up quick-swap possibilities for multiple projects made from different colors or materials. This frees you up from the time spent draining, cleaning and refilling your print and allows your next print to start with no delay. An excellent setup for rapid batch production.

This is the resin vat for the Peopoly Phenom Noir 3D printer. The vat holds the material used by the printer--resin, cured into the layers of your print, much like the filament spool on an FFF 3D printer.

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