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PolyMaker PolyPlus PLA Translucent Orange - 3.00mm (0.75kg)

PolyMaker's PolyPlus series is engineered for quality so superior that it has given them the bragging rights as the creators of the most stable PLA on the market. Not only is PolyPlus PLA nice and sturdy, but it also has the stamp of approval from the FDA.

Product No. MQ1CFJTM
List Price: $50.00
PolyMaker prides themselves on the fact that their PolyPlus not only looks fantastic, but also has solid properties you can't refuse. This intricate formula provides tighter specifications that won't jam your extruder and will lead to more reliable prints that won't let you down. Not to mention, all ingredients used to formulate PolyPlus are indeed FDA approved!

We highly recommend storing unused PolyPlus PLA filament in a resealable bag with a desiccant pack to prevent moisture absorption.

Technical Specifications

Average filament diameter: 2.85 mm

Standard deviation of diameter: < 0.05 mm (~ 0.02 mm typical)

Recommended printing temperatures: 190 - 210 °C (with heated bed) / 210 - 230 °C (without heated bed)

Recommended heated bed temperature: 60 - 70 °C

Printing speed: 40 - 120 mm/s