MatterHackers Black PRO Series ASA Filament - 2.85mm (1kg)

ASA is an advanced 3D printing material that combines exceptional thermal and UV resistance, making it an ideal choice for parts that need to function in high-temperature environments or in outdoor conditions. Its UV inhibitor prevents color change and mechanical property degradation, allowing for parts with long-lasting strength and visual properties.

  • Unmatched UV resistance
  • Exceptional temperature resistance
  • High strength and durability
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Note: We are currently rolling out boxes to our PRO Series Filament line, as featured in these product photos. As this rollout happens some materials may ship without boxes.

Enhancing the Best of Both Worlds: ASA Fuses Thermal and UV Resistance in a Single Material

ASA stands out as an extraordinary 3D printing material, ingeniously merging top-notch thermal and UV resistance properties. This fusion results in a material that excels in strength, durability, and longevity, outperforming its counterparts in challenging outdoor settings. Furthermore, ASA's impressive temperature resilience renders it the go-to choice for fabricating components required to operate in confined car cabins or other high-temperature environments. Rest assured, when the sweltering summer sun bears down, ASA remains unyielding, preserving its structural integrity.

The true game-changer for ASA, however, lies in its unparalleled UV resistance. While other 3D printing materials are prone to color alterations and mechanical property deterioration after extended outdoor exposure, ASA boasts a UV inhibitor that circumvents such damage. Consequently, components printed with PRO Series ASA maintain their strength and aesthetic attributes for years, even under the most severe outdoor conditions.

In summary, ASA heralds a substantial breakthrough in 3D printing material applications, delivering a potent blend of robustness, temperature resistance, and UV resistance. With ASA at your disposal, you can craft high-caliber, enduring components that withstand the test of time, making it the optimal material choice for a diverse array of applications.

How to succeed with ASA

To achieve high-quality 3D prints with ASA, you need to follow some best practices:

  1. Bed Adhesion: ASA requires a heated build plate to promote good adhesion, typically around 90-110°C. You can use a build surface like LayerLock PEI, BuildTak, or Glass with a layer of adhesion promoter such as Magigoo or Nano Polymer Adhesive. Ensure that the bed is level before printing.

  2. Print Temperature: ASA requires a printing temperature of 240-260°C, which is higher than PLA or ABS. A high-quality all-metal hot end is recommended, as ASA will overheat and destroy a PTFE-lined hot end.

  3. Cooling: Unlike PLA, ASA requires minimal cooling during printing to prevent warping or cracking. However, you can use a small amount of cooling to prevent sagging in overhanging sections.

  4. Enclosure: ASA is prone to warping, especially when printing large parts, so it's essential to print in an enclosed area. A printer enclosure helps maintain a consistent temperature and prevent drafts from cooling the print too quickly. Remember to leave your printer closed up when a print finishes to let the part fully cool in order to avoid warping and splitting.

  5. Post-Processing: ASA can be sanded, painted, or even vapor smoothed with acetone to smooth out the surface finish. However, be cautious of the fumes when using solvents and use appropriate protective gear.

By following these tips, you can produce high-quality, durable prints with ASA that can withstand high temperatures and prolonged outdoor exposure. Read our in-depth article about How to Succeed with ASA here or watch the video below. As always, join the conversation on Discord or reach out to for specific questions.

PRO Series Value

MatterHackers PRO Series stands out as the best choice in 3D printer filament for professionals and manufacturing users due to its high-quality material, exceptional consistency, wide range of materials, and excellent customer support. Manufactured in the USA from premium raw materials and subjected to strict quality control processes, PRO Series guarantees reliable and durable prints. With tight dimensional tolerances of ±0.02mm, the filaments ensure precise and repeatable prints, while the extensive selection of materials caters to various professional needs, from prototyping to end-use products. Moreover, MatterHackers' outstanding customer service offers technical support and guidance, enabling users to maximize their 3D printing potential and minimize downtime.

For our manufacturing customers, high-capacity spools are available - contact to inquire about 5lb or 10lb spools and bulk discounting. We regularly stock the most popular colors of various materials in 5lb and 10lb spools but can produce these spools of any of our colors on demand if needed.

Technical Specifications

California Residents

Warning: This Product can expose you to styrene, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. USE WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. See
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