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MatterHackers PRO Series Carbon Fiber PLA - 1.75mm (1lb)

PRO Series PLA is the PLA 3D printer filament you know and love, now infused with carbon fiber and perfected by the team at MatterHackers. Made in the USA to the tighest diameter tolerance on the market, PRO Series filament is the best of the best. PLA is a multipurpose material most commonly used in 3D printing. This filament combines the ease of printing PLA with the stiffness of carbon fiber for a high quality, reliable part.

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Product No. M-PYK-K3V2

All the benefits of PRO Series, with the stiffness of Carbon Fiber

Check out our video overview of the awesome features of PRO Series Carbon Fiber PLA right here and see why we're loving this filament. Find it in 3.00mm here

The filament you love with the stiffness you need

At MatterHackers, we love printing with PLA because of it's low warping factor and excellent bed adhesion. It's one of the easiest materials to 3D print with and PRO Series PLA is the highest quality filament available. This PRO Series PLA brings together everything you love about PLA printing with the added stiffness of carbon fiber strands infused into the filament. The carbon fiber does make this filament abrasive, so a hardened nozzle is necessary.

Professional quality material

MatterHackers PRO Series Filaments are engineered to highlight the strengths of each type of 3D printer filament. Manufactured to the tightest tolerances on the market and made in the USA, PRO Series Filaments include PLAABSPETGNylon, and Flex. So no matter what kind of 3D printing project you’re working on, MatterHackers has the filament to get it done.

PLA, aka Polylactic Acid, is a multipurpose material commonly used in 3D printing. PLA is a bioplastic, which means it is made from renewable natural resources such as corn starch and tapioca products. As a biodegradable material, it is much better for the environment, especially compared to petrochemical-based alternatives (such as ABS). This product is a 1 lb spool of 1.75mm carbon fiber PRO Series PLA filament. All PRO Series filament is vacuum sealed with desiccant for storage and freshness.

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Technical Specifications

  • Printing Temperature: 185-205°C
  • Spool Dimensions (Approx.): 200mm Total Diameter x 50mm Inner Hole Diameter x 70mm Height
  • Spool Dimensions Spec Sheet
  • Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.05mm

All PRO Series filament is manufactured in the USA.

Click here for an extensive guide to printing in PLA.

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