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Proto-Pasta Conductive PLA - 1.75mm (0.5kg)

Get electrical with your prints today - Proto-Pasta Conductive PLA is an exciting new filament that allows you to print simple circuits as well as touch sensitive devices. Try printing an LED, a touch sensor, or anything else that you can run through a 1K resistor. This filament can be used with any 3D printer since it is made of PLA which requires no heated bed and low print temperatures.
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Proto-Pasta Conductive PLA is easy to print and can be used on any 3D printer that can handle PLA filament. This conductive filament is ideal for low voltage circuitry and can even power a low current Arduino. So how does this filament compare to regular PLA? Great question - this conductive PLA filament will print objects that are more flexible than normal PLA but have less layer adhesion. It can be characterized as semi-flexible and should be kept at temperatures below 50C. If you decide to use this material in a dual extruder, we recommend printing it with regular PLA since they stick well to one another.

Makey-Makey game controller printed with Proto-Pasta Conductive PLA.

You might be asking yourself, just how conductive is this filament? Below please find the various measurements of conductivity as provided by Proto-Pasta.

  • Volume resistivity of molded resin (not 3D Printed): 15 ohm-cm
  • Volume resistivity of 3D printed parts perpendicular to layers: 30 ohm-cm
  • Volume resistivity of 3D printed parts through layers (along Z axis): 115 ohm-cm
  • Resistance of a 10cm length of 1.75mm filament: 1.8Kohm
  • Resistance of a 10cm length of 2.85mm filament: 600ohm


1.15 g/cm3 (1500 kg/m3)


Bed Temp (if available, is not required): 50° C

Hot End Temp: 215 – 230° C (we advise printing at the hotter end of the range)

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