Protopasta Protopasta Joel's Highfive Blue Metallic HTPLA Filament - 1.75mm (0.5kg)

Protopasta HTPLA combines the ease of PLA 3D printing with the ability to heat-treat your parts post-printing to increase their stiffness at higher temperatures. It can be heat treated in an oven at 100-120C (200-250F) to increase stiffness and reduce warping with the best results seen on flat and/or supported parts with 100% infill.

  • Prints easily like PLA
  • No Hardened Nozzle
  • Easy Heat Treat Process
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Fill your workshop with Highfive Blue Metallic HTPLA

This awesome collaboration with Joel Telling was created to capture a bit of his energy into this Highfive Blue Metallic filament. HTPLA v3 is Protopasta's unique formulation that has been tested extensively to print better than standard PLA. HTPLA v3 offers features such as prints can be heat treated for a much higher temperature stability, less moisture uptake, and consistent flow with less tendency towards clogging compared to every day PLA. What makes this filament extra unique is that Joel Telling got to be part of this awesome collaboration! Highfive Blue Metallic HTPLA v3 is Joel's favorite color and a bit of his energy has been captured in this filament. This HTPLA Highfive Blue Metallic is an awesome filament, perfect for maximum 3D printing and has exceptional quality print performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Printing Temperature: 200°C or less
  • Bed Temperature: Room temperature - 70°C (Heated bed not required)
  • Filament Weight: 500g (0.50kg)

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