Raise3D Raise3D V3 Hardened Nozzle 0.60mm

A drop-in replacement for the standard nozzles on the Raise3D 3D printers which boasts high resistance to abrasive filaments like Carbon Fiber and other composites. Filaments like these will deteriorate a standard brass nozzle quickly and lead to low-quality prints and the need to replace the nozzle. This hardened option won't suffer that fate as the nozzle itself is harder than the abrasive material it's extruding. These nozzles are an excellent upgrade for any Raise3D 3D printer: Pro2 series, E2 series or Pro3 series.

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The strength to take on any filament

Filaments like NylonX or PRO Series Carbon Fiber PLA allow you create functional 3D printed parts with the stiffness of Carbon Fiber, but these abrasive filaments will quickly wear out a standard brass nozzle. Enter the V3 Wear Resistant nozzle, which features a special nickel composite coating which is very hard and abrasion resistant along with a low coefficient of friction to easy material flow.

Print with abrasives like NylonX on your Raise3D N2 today!

Different sizes for different projects

The standard Raise3D nozzle is a 0.4mm, which is pretty much industry standard and perfect for most 3D printing applications. But not every project is the same - some require more precision from a 0.2mm nozzle, or more material from a 1.00mm. These wear resistant nozzles are available in four sizes to meet the needs of any project:

0.2mm Wear Resistant Nozzle

Technical Specifications

  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 1.00mm
  • Package Contents: 1 nozzle
  • Compatibility: Raise3D Pro2, Pro3 and E2 Series
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