Slice Engineering’s Copperhead Bimetallic Heat Break is constructed from strain-hardened stainless steel surgical tubing and copper alloy and was designed for optimal heat transfer in your hotend using thermal imaging technology. Even at temperatures up to 450°C, The Slice Engineering Bimetallic Heat Break conducts and diffuses heat efficiently to enhance 3D printing precision to give you the best results possible from your 3D printer. The Slice Engineering Bimetallic Heat Break is one of the main components in all configurations of Slice Engineering’s Copperhead Hotend System, and several variants are available to unlock major upgrade potential for a variety of existing 3D printer setups.

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Unlike most materials, plastics don’t have a clean transition from solid to liquid during melting. As filament moves through a hotend, it heats up and reaches the material’s glass transition temperature (Tg), entering a semi-solid, semi-liquid, “gooey” state. While in this state, the plastic responds to applied forces like a wet noodle, which can cause undesirable 3D printing effects like reduction in resolution, blobbing, and jamming. An efficient heat break narrows the physical distance during which the plastic is at it’s Tg, and thus improves 3D printer performance. The Bimetallic Heat Break™ from Slice Engineering® is the only heat break designed through the use of thermal imaging to optimize heat transfer for a high precision 3D printing experience at an affordable cost with convenient options.

3D Printer Compatibility table for the Slice Engineering Copperhead Hotend System


The CopperHead Standard Heat Breaks have increased in length by 3 mm to accommodate Raise3D 3D Printers. Now known as the CopperHead Heat Break – Standard - G2, the accompanying heat sinks that fit this heat break have also been updated to Copperhead Heat Sink - Groove Mount - G2 and Copperhead Heat Sink - Screw Mount - G2.


Combining the Copperhead G1 Standard Heat Break with Copperhead G2 Heat Sinks and visa-versa will still function for customers who have older versions of each component.


  • Dimensions and weight:
    • Standard Variant - fits Copperhead™ Heat Sink & Raise3D Pro2
      • Definition: M6 threaded distal end, 6 mm smooth proximal end
      • Size: 18 mm length x 6 mm diameter
    • RepRap 1.75 Variant - fits E3D V6, Prusa 3D printers & more
      • Definition: M6 threaded distal end, M7 threaded proximal end
      • Size: 23 mm length x 7 mm OD
    • Mk 8 Variant - fits Makerbot Replicator & more
      • Definition: M6 threaded distal end, M6 threaded proximal end
      • Size: 27 mm length x 6 mm OD
    • Mk 10 Variant - fits MakerGear printers & more
      • Definition: M6 threaded distal end, 7.78 mm shank with flats on the proximal end
      • Size: 27 mm x 7.78 mm OD
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