SmartMaterials SmartMaterials SmartStick - Bed Adhesion for Polypropylene (100ml)

Polypropylene is a great material to have available for 3D printing, but it's rather difficult to print with and achieve solid first layer adhesion. For this reason, SmartMaterials 3D has created a filament and adhesion solution. The SmartStick and SmartFil PP are the perfect pair for printing with polypropylene. If you are interested in using this incredible material, start here!

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Product No. M-6RP-H6G3

A must have for SmartFil

This 3D printer bed adhesive is specialy formulated for use with SmartMaterials SmartFil Polypropylene, and your key to proper first layer adhesion to your print surface. This is a powerful adhesive - so please follow these steps to get the most out of your SmartStick:

  1. Remove the internal seal from the bottle
  2. Apply the adhesive evenly across your entire print bed, creating a thin film across the entire area you will be using for your print
  3. Remember to put the cap back on the bottle, it will dry out otherwise!
  4. Print!
  5. Due to the strength of SmartStick, you may have to remove the part and print surface as one unit and use water to loosen the adhesive
  6. In many cases the adhesive will last for many prints but will eventually need to be replaced. Soak the print bed in warm water and remove the adhesive with a spatula. Once the plate is clean, reapply and keep printing!

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