Snapmaker Snapmaker High Power Laser Module - 10W

Attach this Laser Module to your Snapmaker 2.0 or Snapmaker Artisan and employ the use of a 10W high-power auto-focus laser module with an upgraded camera capture and customized software. It supports engraving on 20+ materials and cutting on 10+ types with a maximum depth of 8mm on Basswood. It operates at a speed 8 times faster than a 1.6W Laser Module.

  • 10W high power with Auto Focus
  • Supports 30+ materials for engraving/cutting
  • Maximum cutting depth: 8 mm (Basswood)
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Price: $459.00
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Product No. M-9GH-6TZ9

The 10W Laser Module is a cutting-edge technology equipped with the latest laser beam splitters, which effectively increases the power from 5W to 10W. This power leap allows you to work with a wider variety of materials and execute more projects. With a work speed as high as 6000 mm/min, this module can cut through basswoods as thick as 8mm. To provide some context, this cutting speed is eight times faster than the 1.6W Laser Module. It can complete a laser job in a blink of an eye.

When comparing the 1.6W and 10W lasers, we can use 1.5 mm-thick basswood engraving and cutting as a benchmark. The significant differences can be seen in engraving speed, cutting speed, and cutting depth. But it's not just about strength; it's also about finesse. The Fast-axis Collimating (FAC) lenses embedded in the two laser diodes compress the laser spot of each diode, then combine the laser beams using beam combining technology. This results in higher output power and ultra-fine laser focus (0.05 mm × 0.2 mm), leading to higher energy density. The smaller laser focus and higher power deliver high-quality laser works with remarkable details.

The 10W Laser Module also takes care of the fumes produced during the laser machining. The unique wind channel inside the module provides excellent wind pressure, directing the fumes into the grids of the Laser Engraving and Cutting Platform, reducing their interference on the laser machining process.

The module also features an autofocus function, eliminating the need for manual material measuring. By using the triangulation technique, the module measures the thickness of your material, adjusts its Z orientation, and ensures the focal point falls right on the material surface. This process takes only a few seconds.

Finally, the module takes camera capture to a whole new level. The upgraded process uses a wide-angle HD camera to capture your material in one take, providing an instant preview in Luban of your laser job on the material. This makes checking the work area completely hassle-free.

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