Trilab Trilab DeltiQ 2 Delta 3D Printer

The TRILAB DeltiQ 2 3D printer is different at first sight. This compact delta 3D printer delivers exceptional print quality and dimensional accuracy in the whole height of the model and serves as a reliable 3D printer for professional, industrial, and educational use.

Top DeltiQ 2 3D Printer Features:

• Exceptional print quality and dimensional accuracy in full 300mm (11.8") height
• Optional secondary extruder FlexPrint 2 for top quality print from flexible materials
• Swappable PrintPads and exchangeable printheads for wide variety of materials
• Light printhead allows very fast prints with standard as well as wider nozzles
• Secure remote access to the printer from everywhere

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Trilab DeltiQ 2 Delta 3D Printer

This desktop 3D printer offers a high quality printing output with a 25 cm diameter, 30 cm height print volume, 32 bit electronics, and wireless DeltaControl display. It has a 41x50 cm footprint, a heated bed for magnetic attachment, and comes with a set of accessories and starter printing filament. It also includes a built-in camera with remote connection and a year of TRILAB Hotline Support.

- 32 bit electronics with automatic calibration
- Built-in camera with secure remote connection
- Replaceable print head with heated bed

Unlocking Possibilities with Flexible Materials

Upgrading to the FlexPrint 2 opens up access to the world of high-quality flexible parts, using materials like TPU. This can be a game-changer for anyone looking to create durable, custom, or flexible parts for a variety of applications.

  • Flexibility: Create parts that need to bend or flex, such as phone cases, watch bands, and shoe soles.
  • Durability: Flexibles such as TPU is a durable material that can withstand wear and tear, making it a great choice for creating parts that need to hold up over time, such as gaskets or seals.
  • Customization: Creating custom-fit products, such as orthotics or hearing aids.
FlexPrint 2 optional upgrade

Print to the DeltiQ from anywhere

Secure Remote Access: Printing from Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you're a busy professional, a small business owner, or a student, Trilab's DeltaControl allows you to manage your printing needs more efficiently and securely.

  • Access your DeltiQ 3D printer from anywhere, at any time, sending print jobs to the printer from home, the office, or even on the go. A busy schedule or frequent travel can't get in the way of gorgeous prints or functional parts.
  • With remote access, manage your DeltiQ more efficiently, reducing the time it takes to complete print jobs. This can lead to increased productivity and better time management.
  • The enhanced security of DeltaControl provides an added layer of security by ensuring that only authorized users can access the DeltiQ 3D printer.

What are the Technical Specifications of the Trilab DeltiQ 2 3D Printer?

Print Technology Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
Print Volume Ø 250mm (X, Y) x 300mm (Z) (Ø 9.8" x 11.8" Z)
Print Head Easy-swap E3D V6 all-metal hotend
Extruder E3D Titan geared extruder, bowden setup
Optional FlexPrint Edition - Zesty Nimble extruder for demanding and flex filaments
Build Surface Swappable, magnetic PrintPad sheet with PEI surface
(alternative surfaces available)
5 mm thick aluminum heated print base
Control Interface Wireless 5.45" IPS DeltaControl display, w/ charging dock
DeltaControl app (iOS and Android)
WebControl interface (PC and Mac)
Connectivity Ethernet, WIFI, USB (3x)
Print Monitoring Multicolor LED indicator for visual print status overview
Built-in camera with print illumination
Supported Formats STL, gcode; standard slicers (Cura, PrusaSlicer, Slic3r, Simplify3D)
Operating Temp Recommended printer operating temperature is 20 - 32 ° C (68 - 90 ° F)
storage temperature 0 - 32 ° C (32 - 90 ° F)
Printer Dimensions 16.1" x 19.7" x  31.9"
Printer Weight
22 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 19.3" x 20.7" x 41.3"
Shipping Weight 39.7 lbs
Power Input 100-240 V, Output 24 V, 250 W
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